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JSON Resume Orbit Theme

This project is using for visual regression testing.

This is a theme for JSON Resume based on Orbit design by xriley. This version includes more sections than in the original design and also changes a couple of section titles. For a template that implements the original design see jsonresume-theme-orbit-original.

Example resume

Getting started

Install the command line

Install resume-cli to render your resume.

sudo npm install -g resume-cli

Serve theme

resume serve --theme orbit --resume <path_to_resume.json>

You should now see this message:

Preview: http://localhost:4000
Press ctrl-c to stop

The resume should open in a new tab in your default browser

Editing template

Get source from GitHub

git clone
cd jsonresume-theme-orbit

Serve theme

resume serve

This will use the local version of the theme to render the resume.json If there is a local copy of resume.json this will be used. Otherwise, it will use the default resume.json from

Change color scheme

This theme comes with 6 color schemes. To change to an alternative run the build:styles script where 2 >= i <= 6

npm run build:styles:<i>

To revert to the default theme

npm run build:styles

Change width of sidebar

If profile details are too wide for the sidebar (as with the v1.0 example resume.json from then edit less/default/base.less and change @sidebar-width e.g.

@sidebar-width: 300px;

Rebuild styles.css with the appropriate build:styles command. e.g.

npm run build:styles


Template design is available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License attributed to xriley

Source code for generating resume is available under the MIT license.


Template for JSONResume based on Orbit theme by xriley



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