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JSON Resume Orbit Theme

This is a theme for JSON Resume based on Orbit design by xriley. This version includes more sections than in the original design and also changes a couple of section titles. For a template that implements the original design see jsonresume-theme-orbit-original.

Example resume

Getting started

Install the command line

Install resume-cli to render your resume.

sudo npm install -g resume-cli

Serve theme

resume serve --theme orbit --resume <path_to_resume.json>

You should now see this message:

Preview: http://localhost:4000
Press ctrl-c to stop

The resume should open in a new tab in your default browser

Editing template

Get source from GitHub

git clone https://github.com/XuluWarrior/jsonresume-theme-orbit.git
cd jsonresume-theme-orbit

Serve theme

resume serve

This will use the local version of the theme to render the resume.json If there is a local copy of resume.json this will be used. Otherwise, it will use the default resume.json from jsonresume.org

Change color scheme

This theme comes with 6 color schemes. To change to an alternative run the build:styles script where 2 >= i <= 6

npm run build:styles:<i>

To revert to the default theme

npm run build:styles

Change width of sidebar

If profile details are too wide for the sidebar (as with the v1.0 example resume.json from jsonresume.org) then edit less/default/base.less and change @sidebar-width e.g.

@sidebar-width: 300px;

Rebuild styles.css with the appropriate build:styles command. e.g.

npm run build:styles


Template design is available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License attributed to xriley

Source code for generating resume is available under the MIT license.