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Game Image

Manchaud is a video game made for the Green Game Jam.

In this game you control a penguin which try to avoid being eaten by an orca (and a norval) but mean humans are killing the planet by heating it :'(.
You must prevent the human to melt your glacier by being green, who is over-consumating.

Survive as long as possible in this asymetrical game.

How to play ?

You can control the penguin on the left of your screen with WASD/Arrow (or even a controller!).
You must avoid to fall in water or to be killed by the orca and/or the norval.
Pay close attention to see when and where they are going to attack.

In the right part of your screen, an AI is moving around, switching the differents devices.
You can close the fridge, switch off the lights and turn off the screens to avoid consume too much.
However you can't turn off the radiators, make sure to keep the heat inside the rooms by closing the windows and the doors so they won't consume too much energy.

If it happens, this will have a negative impact on the environment and the ice of the banquise will begin to melt.
You lose when your penguin die.


Antoine 'Gradkal' Da Cruz (Game Design, Graphisms)
Christian 'Zirk' Chaux (Programmation)
Pauline 'Blackfowl' Landais (Graphisms)
Simon 'Rotul' Leschiera (Musics & sounds)
Tiphaine 'Kaosce' Laurent (Programmation)