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MyPicsDB addon for XBMC
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1) How to include picture paths
Don't change the plugin configuration unless you know what you do!

a) You must add picture sources to XBMC
b) Within MyPicsDB (not in the configuration) select menu "Paths of pictures folders" to add these paths to the database.

Excluding paths
a) Add the exclude path(s) via menu "Paths of pictures folders".
b) Rescan the paths which contain these added exclude paths to remove the pictures from MyPicsDB

Excluding files
a) This can be done in the plugin settings under "Files"
b) You only need to enter a unique part of the complete path name. All files which contain this entered part of the path name will be excluded.
c) Rescan all paths.
d) To concatenate different file/path name parts use the | sign.

a) After renaming a directory you must do a full rescan!

2) MySql
a) You must create a database:

b) Create a user (if not already done for music and movies):
CREATE USER 'xbmc'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'xbmc';

c) give him rights
GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'xbmc'@'%';

d) Go to plugin settings and enable MySql. Set the correct user and password (they are case sensitive)!

3) Tag translation and combination of tags
Menu "translate your tags" lets you suppress tags (leave translation empty) or combine tags like 'Country/primary location name', 'Photoshop:Country' and 'Iptc4xmpExt:CountryName' to one 'Country' tag. 

4) General problems with MyPicsDB
If you have unexplainable problems like pictures don't get included into database and you're a long time user of MyPicsDB then it will be a good decision to delete the database and start with a new one.

To do this select "Pictures->Add-ons", press "C" and select "Add-on settings". 
Activate "Initialze the database at next startup" on tab "General" and press "OK".

Then start MyPicsDB. 
All tables (except table rootpaths which includes your entered picture paths) are dropped and recreated. 

This means that the already entered paths are still available and that you can start a rescan with "Paths of picture folders"->"Scan all paths". 

5) Auto-update  MyPicsDB
   Idea from Fungify 
   To auto update the database you can use the following XBMC command:
   (Name is your Windows user!)
   Use the service "The Scheduler" ( and create a custom built-in script with the above command.
   Update MyPicsDB via HTTP API with a cron job.
   wget --directory-prefix=tmp --http-user=<xbmc username> --http-passwd=<xbmc password> "http://Servername:Portnumber/xbmcCmds/xbmcHttp?command=ExecBuiltIn&parameter=XBMC.RunScript("<full path to plugin>\plugin.image.mypicsdb\",--database)

6) For skinners
  Done by MikeBZH44

a) For skinners, MyPicsDB can be called with following parameters to populate window properties :

  XBMC.RunScript(plugin.image.mypicsdb,0,?action='setproperties'&method ='Latest|Random'&sort ='Shooted|Added'&limit=10)

  Parameters are :

  - action='setproperties' to store in main window properties and in CommonCache DB

  - method='Lastest' to get Latest pictures from DB
  - method='Random' to get random pictures from DB

  - sort='Shooted' to get latest pictures sorted by Shooted date (EXIF DateTimeOriginal)
  - sort='Added' to get latest pictures sorted by Added in DB date (DateAdded)

  - limit=10 to get only 10 pictures

  Properties set to main window (ID=10000) :

  MyPicsDB<Method>.Count = Number of pictures returned (max=limit)
  MyPicsDB<Method>.1.Path = Path to picture #1
  MyPicsDB<Method>.1.Name = Name of picture #1
  MyPicsDB<Method>.1.Folder = Name of picture folder #1
  MyPicsDB<Method>.1.Date = Shooted date of picture #1
  MyPicsDB<Method>.2.Path = Path to picture #2
  MyPicsDB<Method>.2.Name = Name of picture #2
  MyPicsDB<Method>.2.Folder = = Name of picture folder #2
  MyPicsDB<Method>.2.Date = Shooted date of picture #2
  MyPicsDB<Method>.10.Path = Path to picture #10
  MyPicsDB<Method>.10.Name = Name of picture #10
  MyPicsDB<Method>.10.Folder = = Name of picture folder #10
  MyPicsDB<Method>.10.Date = Shooted date of picture #10

  b) To run a slideshow when user clicks on a picture :


  Parameters :

  - action='slideshow' to run slide show

  - method='Lastest' to get Latest pictures from DB
  - method='Random' to get Random pictures from DB

  - current=1 to start slideshow with Picture #1  

  c) Statistic properties

  MyPicsDB<Method>.Categories = number of categories in DB
  MyPicsDB<Method>.Collections = number of collections in DB
  MyPicsDB<Method>.Folders = number of folders containing pictures in DB

  MyPicsDBRandom.Categories = MyPicsDBLatest.Categories (same for Count, Collections, Folders) but we don't know wich method each skinner will use so I make the job twice ;)
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