Math rendering as a Slack integration via Wikimedia Mathoid.
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Math rendering as a Slack integration via Wikimedia Mathoid.

Try it out!

Simply add as an outgoing webhook in your Slack channel.

You can trigger slack-mathoid by prefixing LaTeX commands with !math.

slack-mathoid in action


slack-mathoid setup is easy.

$ git clone
$ cd slack-mathoid
$ python develop

Running slack-mathoid

To start slack-mathoid, simply run:

export MATHOID_URL="http://localhost:10044"
export MATHOID_CACHE="/web/static"
slack-mathoid --port=8888

This will start a Slack webhook on localhost:8888/typset, which should be forwarded and added as an outgoing webhook on Slack. Cached math will be stored in MATHOID_CACHE, and served off MATHOID_SERVE_URL. slack-mathoid assumes a Mathoid server is running on MATHOID_URL.

You may optionally provide a SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable to restrict access to the server.