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This is my public repository for pic related development. That doesn't mean, of course, that the files in here have been written by me.

Directory PIC18F2550BB_USB_BASE contains the CDC demo for PIC2550 from dangerous prototypes. I made some small modifications so that's why they are in here. Else I would have just linked to the project itself. Also, since I only use MPLAB-X I removed the "old" project files from MPLAB8 as with the path modifications I made I don't think they would work any more anyway.

Directory cdc_basic_p24FJ256GB106 contains the basic CDC demo from the Microchip Libraries for Applications v2013_12_20 specifically adapted to run on the Dangerous Prototypes BusPirate v4 hardware. By downloading the cdc_basic_p24FJ256GB106 Software, you agree to the following Software License Agreement: Microchip grants strictly to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license: a. To use the Software in connection with Licensee Products or Third Party Products;
b. If source code is provided by Microchip to Licensee, to modify the Software for the sole purpose of rendering the Software operable with Licensee Products or Third Party Products, provided that Licensee clearly notifies Third Parties regarding the source of such modifications; and c. To distribute the Software to Third Parties for use with or incorporation into Licensee Products or Third Party Products, provided that Licensee ensures that: (i) such Third Party agrees to be bound by this Agreement (in writing or by "click to accept"), and (ii) this Agreement accompanies such distribution. The procedure described in sub-clauses (i) and (ii) is not required when the Software is embedded in machine-readable object code form as firmware in Licensee Products or Third Party Products.
Further, the procedure described in sub-clauses (i) and (ii) is not required when modified versions of PC programs are re-distributed in machine-readable object code form, provided that Licensee notifies end users that: (1) the modified PC program is derived from a Microchip PC program and is governed by the terms of this Agreement including the requirement to use such program with Microchip Products, (2) a copy of this Agreement is available upon request, and (3) the Licensee supports the modified PC program.
For purposes of clarity, Licensee may NOT embed the Software on a non-Microchip Product, except as expressly described in this Section 2 or the Documentation. The original Microchip Libraries for Applications v2013_12_20 archive can be optained at http://www.microchip.com/mla

Directory Bootloader_Numato_PIC32MX contains a PIC32MX HID boot loader for the Numato PIC32MX development board featuring a PIC32MX795F512H. By downloading the Bootloader_Numato_PIC32MX Software, you agree to the following Software License Agreement: The software supplied herewith by Microchip Technology Incorporated (the “Company”) is intended and supplied to you, the Company’s customer, for use solely and exclusively with products manufactured by the Company. The software is owned by the Company and/or its supplier, and is protected under applicable copyright laws. All rights are reserved. Any use in violation of the foregoing restrictions may subject the user to criminal sanctions under applicable laws, as well as to civil liability for the breach of the terms and conditions of this license. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED IN AN “AS IS” CONDITION. NO WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE APPLY TO THIS SOFTWARE. THE COMPANY SHALL NOT, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. The original AN1388 software and source files have been included in this distribution for reference.