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Github Bathrode

Github has given us the ubiquitous Octocat which now features on hoodies, mugs and coasters but strangely enough, not on bathrobes.

This needs fixing.

But Why?

TL;DR: Towel Day

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to have a Github towel but a good towel is a waste without a matching bathrobe. Also, anyway who has read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will know that Arthur Dent spent the entire novel in a bathrobe. Hence, no good Towel Day can be without a bathrobe ... a github:bathrobe!

Bathrobes are extremely Comfortable

Bathrobes are the single most underestimated piece of clothing on the planet. They are extremely comfortable, low maintenance and very undemanding. In addition they come in also sorts of colors (of course, the github bathrobe must be black), they don't need tailoring - they just fit.


To prove the point, a prototype has been developed in hours of intense work. This protoype features ... well it's a bathrobe so you know what the features are :)