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How to properly update your Mech & Magic server

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Updating your server is easy. Be sure to follow the below steps to ensure your server is running how the pack is intended to be played with changed configs and options.

Download the newest available version from the packs tab on ATLauncher. Locate Mech & Magic > Click Create Server > Select Newest Version From Dropdown > Select Optional Mods > Install Next click 'Open Folder' On the ATLauncher. Open the Servers folder. Open the latest server version listed.

Files and Folders to be moved over to your server host/machine

  • Configs
  • Mods Folder
  • Scripts Folder

Personally I move all server side mods I have added to my desktop server instance mentioned above, run the server locally, close it, and then move all the folders over to my server machine.

Note: Configs, Mods, and, Scripts change during an update and all will be noted in the changelogs. It is up to you as the owner to not overwrite your own changes you may have done to configs and scripts.

I personally host the Official server for the pack. I will always run the server with Sponge. Running a public server without some plugins is not a smart move if you want to save on headaches. This pack is always guaranteed to run alongside Sponge.

We recommend 3-4 hour restarts to your server to keep performance at its best. Backups are of course always smart to have. We offer no backup mod that is on you to either add yourself, rely on your server hosts backup methods, or write your own scripts. Click here to see our server scripts.

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