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An IRCd written in Python 3.6. Support for lower versions has officially been dropped.

Not to be confused with the deprecated mSL version I wrote years ago.

Edit conf/ircd.example.conf and save it as conf/ircd.conf.
After you editted the confs, simply run

For anyone interested, there is a live version running on (port 6667 plain, 6697 TLS)
You can oper up with /oper github betatest. Keep in mind that the server may be off-line at any time.
It is merely a dev/test server meant as a testing environment and the occasional playground.

Note: if you want to use Anope, select "unreal40" as the protocol in Anope conf.

*** Some special features ***

* IRCv3 support for the following CAPs: account-notify, away-notify, server-time, chghost, echo-message, tls, userhost-in-names, extended-join
  (multi-prefix is hardcoded in the core)

* m_extbans for extended bans similar to UnrealIRCd.

  +b ~T text based bans, block or replace a message or word.
  Example: ~T:replace:xd:xD will replace the retarded 'xd' with 'xD'.

  +b ~t timed bans.
  Example: ~t:10:<hostmask> will ban a hostmask for 10 minutes.

  +b ~c:#Lamers
  Prevents users from #Lamers to join your channel.

  +I ~O:operclass
  Users matching <operclass> may override +i. Wildcards accepted.

  +b/e/I ~a:account
  Users matching <account> will be banned (+b), bypass bans (+e) or bypass invite (+I)

* m_trace for country and ISP management. It comes with extbans ~C (country) and ~i (ISP).

  To ban or exempt a certain country, you can use +b ~C:country or +e ~C:country.
  Country must be in full country format (Netherlands) or country code (NL).
  For example, to ban all Ziggo users, use +b ~i:Ziggo
  Wildcards are accepted.

* You can temporarily give or take channel status by appending ":minutes" after their nickname.
  For example, to give someone @ status for 1 hour, simply type: /mode #room +o nickname:60
  The status will be automatically removed after 60 minutes.

* m_callerid (/accept and usermode +g) for server-side 'ignore' system. With usermode +g, only users in your /accept list can private message you.

* Channel name casing can be changed with /chgcname <name> <newname>

* And many more, but I will not list them all here for now.


An IRCd written in Python 3.6





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