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Learn to make multiplayer games with Y8 Games
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Y8 Instant io Game

This super game making boilerplate combines several top open source tools to give you an easy starting point to making an io multipler game. Inside Y8 Instant io Game, is a Node.js server with webpack, es6, and classes. is where the multiplayer communication happens, it's super easy. For the visuals Phaser 3, one of the best 2D html5 engines on the market, but it's free. Beautiful, powerful, and open source. If you like this, remember to give a link to Y8 Games


  • Download and install Node.js and maybe MongoDb.
  • Navigate to the project root where package.json lives and run npm install in a terminal


Production Build

  • Installing, 'npm i webpack -g' and 'npm i webpack-cli -g'
  • npm run build (requires unix like terminal)


  • Start server for production pm2 start server.js
  • Suggest to make an autostart in pm2
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