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"Yet another comic reader"


This software has been developed by Luis Ángel San Martín Rodríguez ( under GPL v3 license (see COPYING.txt).

Getting YACReader

Official releases:

As a package:

Packaging status

From OBS build service:

Building from source:



If you need help or have any suggestion, please, send me an e-mail.


If you are interested in contributing to the project the first step should be to contact me so we can plan together the best approach, you can send an e-mail or just open an issue in this repo. For small bug fixes it is usually ok to open a PR directly.

Contributions are not restricted to coding; you can help the project by bringing new UI/UX ideas, designing new assets, writing manuals or tutorials, translating the apps, etc. If you are interested in DevOps, YACReader uses Azure Pipelines for CI/CD, any improvements in that area are welcome. Testing pre-releases is also really appreciated.

Dev Setup

YACReader is developed in c++/Qt, so the first thing you need to do is to install a C++ compiler or environment that supports at least C++17 and Qt. In Windows I use Visual Studio Community Edition 2019 as build system and in macos I use Xcode, but I do all the coding using QtCreator. The project support Qt5 and Qt6 at the moment so you need to make sure that everything works in both Qt5 and Qt6, you only need to install one flavor of Qt and CI will check that everything builds with both, I recommend using Qt6.

The repo includes binaries for the dependencies needed for Windows (MSVC compiler) and macos (clang) but you need to configure 7zip dependency manually, please take a look at compressed_archive/README_7zip.txt.

Running and debugging

YACReader needs to find its dependencies at runtime, make sure that Qt binaries are in your PATH and the third-party binaries are next to the executable. The best way to make sure you have all the third-party binaries in place is to check YACReader installation and copy the binaries in your output folder.

If you have the time and the energy, please open a PR with a script that automatizes any of these manual processes.

Code Format

YACReader uses clang-format to ensure a common style and avoid deviances from it. CI checks this and will fail if the correct format is not used. clang-format needs to be called recursively in all the folders because some of them have their own .clang-format file, mainly to exclude changing the format in third-party libraries which are included in the source code. I recommend configuring your development tools to use clang-format, you can try to use it manually, but please, do it always before committing changes. I recommend using QtCreator configured properly, you can find a tutorial here.


Any PR will be validated through CI, and it will not be merged if CI fails.

Pull Requests

The base and target branch for any PR should always be develop.


YACReader is free but it needs money to keep being alive, so please, if you like YACReader, visit the home page and make a donation.


If you are interested in YACReader, please contact me so we can discuss your next steps.