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New Features:

  • [NEW] UI Based on Bootstrap
  • [NEW] 22 Bootstrap Themes
  • [NEW] Added Dropdown on the moderate page to move multiple topics
  • [NEW #375] indication in the menu if post needs moderation
  • [NEW #365] now you can archive pm's from the outbox
  • [NEW #323] allow attachments in private messages
  • [NEW #367] Added Badge Topic Starter Badge
  • [NEW #379] Mark Message as Answer
  • [NEW] Old GIF Emoticons have been replaced by Unicode Emoji
  • [NEW #285] Rewritten Search Engine based on Lucene.NET
  • [NEW #92] Show similar topic titles
  • [NEW #89] Added Buton "Get Location from IP Address" to Retrieve the Country & City from the IP Address
  • [NEW #107] Added Button "Watch all Forums"
  • [NEW #258] Anti Spam statistics
  • [NEW #256] automatically save message draft and also added save button
  • [NEW #286] Mentions of users via @Username
  • [NEW #287] Onsite Notification for Quoted Posts, Mentions and received Thanks

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed Unicode Urls
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