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@Jaben Jaben released this Dec 31, 2013 · 1051 commits to master since this release

  • Update 1/21: release binaries.
  • Update 1/12: added necessary dependency assemblies.

Stability release. Changes & Fixes:

  • f0ec0bc Fix that little extra character with DotNetNuke.
  • 817f1f0 Upgraded to Latest Autofac. Also, switched to using IModule for Data.MsSQL.
  • 0c2cbba simplified the lastpost links, no longer there is the need for an reredirect
  • 9b9a9d6 fixed #50 geolocation service should no longer throw an exception on the register page
  • 215948a tiny fix for some bbcode urls with a encoded : sign
  • d0cf545 added event logging for user reporting
  • cf291a9 Fixed Report user to stopforumspam when user has no posts (closes #77)
  • 47ad073 added custom method to encode user input to prevent xss but not encode unicode chars (closes #76)
  • 9f4c996 Fixes issue #75 -- page link url now supports null again.
  • 2dc4749 Fixed #74 Should pull in a way that will fail if the transactions step on each other. It will also pull more emails at a time.
  • 513d42c Improved send mail using .NET v4.0 conventions (dispose pattern -- also not creating multiple smtp clients per send).
  • b421755 fix layout issue in dnn 7.2 or above
  • 503b5da Fixed wrong encoded emails, which appear with chinese chars (closes #21)
  • 907bf92 testing protocol less img bbcode
  • 9eb7303 fixed farsi jquery-ui datepicker
  • b12f903 Improving this code intention a bit. Made the PageLinks a Fluent API. Removed some crud.
  • e18feac Completed Done #11. Also improved the PageLink code since it hadn't been touched in years.
  • 79e26d8 Cleaned up the code a bit and added a check OnPreRender for a valid TopicRow -- otherwise an exception is thrown. Hopefully will help figure out issue and fix #26.
  • 8d3c30b Put exception in place to help fix #65 -- probably won't fix the problem but will at least bring the issue to light which I'm almost positive is SQL related.
  • 163e0c0 Fix for #62 -- Removed usage of HttpApplication.
  • 4a2733c DisplayAd bug fix
  • 0976c97 proper fix for lastpost/unread links
  • 4264c3d fixed issue with pager links + redesigned pager links for the advanced url builder
  • 6d535f7 removed rest of the irkoo.
  • 5926582 fixed first part of issue #55.
  • 7858ac8 Auth Notify admin link now points to the user
  • 47556f4 fixed find unread function (closes #49)
  • 86bc2f4 fixed issue where reputationvoting was not completly deleted when deleting a user
  • fa4a70a youtube bbcode can now handle non secure and secure urls (closes #48)
  • 040d346 corrected description (closes #51)
  • 9fc47d6 fixed an exception when geo location is enabled and tested on localhost
  • 582e68c fixed board deleting
  • aee03f5 create new admin should be disabled in dnn here
  • dbfb375 fixed case sensitive issue in the stored procedures.
  • 7a3f0b0 upgraded to latest tiny_mce + removed old files from project
  • 0417cec fixed urls in the retweet text
  • 9410c38 removed trust limit for remote avatars, because it works also in medium trust
  • 7ba38ea tiny refactoring
  • 2059331 fixed user export (closed #46)
  • 4e07306 from the admin user page you can now report a user as bot stopforumspam key is required (closes #34)
  • cd95171 added missing bbcode description localizations + added dailymotion and tweet embed as bbcodes
  • c30d5c0 better handling for protocol less urls for the google widget bbcode
  • df19b62 disabled message history for guests (closes #43)
  • 0ab0829 fixed paste function in the ckeditor
  • c03f4ce removed spell check option from the editor since the google api is no longer available
  • 298da4e Fix for issues I've been seeing with Message Truncate.
  • 7e7ea1f Added Current App Domain Loading of Extension Assemblies in addition to scanned assemblies plus debug out of all scanned assemblies.

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