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Setup a Private Forum Admin has to approve new Users

wtilton edited this page Oct 13, 2015 · 2 revisions

To Setup the Forum as Private, where new Users have to be approved by admin you need to follow that Guide on how to Setup...

  1. Go to Admin -> Users and Roles -> Roles, create an "Unapproved" role in YAF. Assign the "Is Start" flag to that role, and the the Access Mask for all Forums needs to be set to "No Access"
  2. Rename the "Registered" Role to "Approved" and remove the "Is Start" flag.
  3. To make sure the admin knows when a new User needs approval enable Email Notifications, go To Admin -> Settings -> Board Settings -> and enter an email address in the "Send Email Notification On User Register to Emails" field.
  4. Additionally if you want the whole forum to be only viewable after login You need to enable the Option "Require User Login" in the Host Settings -> Login/Registration Settings
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