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YAF.NET Integration in to an existing ASP.NET Application

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If you want to integrate YAF.NET in to an existing Application there is an Sample Application available

(Installation wizard password found in app.config)

This Application is a Standard Visual Studio Sample ASP.NET Application, including YAF.NET integrated as Control on a Page.

If you want to manually integrate YAF.NET here is an very quick Guide on how to do it...

Quick Guide

  1. Create subdirectory /forum/ in the root of your application.

Into this directory copy all YAF.NET Files and folders, EXCEPT...

  • App_Browsers
  • bin
  • and all the .config files
  1. Copy the folders (above) into the root of your the application.

  2. Modify the .config files and copy them to the application root directory (see below)

  • web.config: merge the 'recommended' web.config with your existing web.config.
  • app.config: Set the YAF.FileRoot, YAF.AppRoot and YAF.BaseUrlMask. The rest should be handled by the setup application when you browse the site the first time.

<add key="YAF.FileRoot" value="~/forum"/> <add key="YAF.AppRoot" value="~/forum" />

  1. If you want the forum in your own page (e.g., masterpage) then create a page with inside the forum directory:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="YAF" Assembly="YAF" Namespace="YAF" %>

at the top and:

<YAF:Forum runat="server" ID="forum" BoardID="1" />

where you want the forum to appear on your page. Otherwise, you can just use the existing default.aspx in the /forum/ directory.

  1. Browse to the page you just created. e.g., or and follow any prompts as it connects to your database and displays the forum.
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