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Commits on Mar 12, 2011
  1. Amir G.
  2. Amir G.

    update comments and add warnings about missuse of SNAPSHOT_BLOCK_GROU…

    amir73il authored
    …P macros
    1] SNAPSHOT_BLOCK_GROUP is wrong for PAGE_SIZE != 4K
    2] use SNAPSHOT_BLOCK_TUPLE for debug prints
    3] test if block is a bitmap is wrong for flex_bg
    4] remove the assumption in snapshot_get_undo_access tha a bitmap block
       is the bitmap block of the group it is loacted in.
Commits on Mar 11, 2011
  1. Amir G.

    don't bypass journal if flex_bg feature is set

    amir73il authored
    There are currently problems with the flex_bg feature, because
    some places in snapshots code assume that the block bitmap is
    in the block group (which is not true for flex_bg).
    This fix just avoids potential metadata corruption, but it doesn't
    avoid possible OOPS.
    There are other problem to solve, because snapshots created with flex_bg
    feature do not pass the fsck sanity test.
  2. Amir G.

    Merge remote branch 'remotes/yyang/ext4-snapshots-extents' into ext4-…

    amir73il authored
    1] changed the config EXTENT_FL to HOOKS_EXTENT and using it
       instead of HOOKS_DATA in relation to extent files.
    2] undid a change to create extent mapped snapshot files.
    3] removed the ext4 options from 'next4 mkfs' script
       the same result can be achieved by creating a link named
       /sbin/mkfs.next4 pointing to /sbin/mkfs.next3.
    4] added maxblocks argument for new get_move_access() API.
       it's value is not being checked on return.
    5] fix uninitialized vaiable warning in extents.c
  3. Fix bugs related to extent MOW.

    Now, extent MOW could pass next4 tests.
Commits on Mar 10, 2011
  1. Amir G.
  2. adityadani Amir G.

    1] Added line that modifies blocks_to_boundary value to maxblocks

    adityadani authored amir73il committed
       obtained from get_move_access.
    2] Changed the comments for the functions get_move_access and
       get_delete_access and removed redundant ones.
  3. adityadani Amir G.

    1] Changed API of the function get_move_access.

    adityadani authored amir73il committed
    2] Corresponding changes made in ext4_ind_map_blocks.
Commits on Mar 9, 2011
  1. Amir G.

    fix some mistakes using new snapshot state flags

    amir73il authored
    1] using enum bit values, so cannot XOR them
    2] fix comment of ext4_snapshot_get_block_access()
    3] shift snapshot state flag for GETSNAPFALGS ioctl
  2. Amir G.

    Merge remote branch 'piyush/user-kernel-api' into ext4-snapshots

    amir73il authored
    1] rename EXT4_STATE_ to EXT4_SNAPSTATE_
    3] add SETSNAPFLAGS ioctl
    4] various fixes
  3. Amir G.
Commits on Mar 8, 2011
  1. Amir G.

    Merge commit 'v2.6.37' into ext4-snapshots

    amir73il authored
  2. Amir G.

    merge from next3-dev: export information on deleted snapshot's status

    amir73il authored
    1. fix free blocks count in snapshot's copy of super block.
    2. do not shrink/merge snapshot's copy of super block.
    3. enable read access to deleted snapshot's copy of super block.
    4. export progress of shrink/merge/clean via i_size:i_disksize ratio.
Commits on Mar 7, 2011
  1. Amir G.
  2. Harshad J Shirwadkar
  3. Amir G.
  4. Harshad J Shirwadkar
  5. Harshad J Shirwadkar

    1) Moved Non persistant SNAPFILE flags to i_state_flags

    harshadjs authored
    2) Converted all direct set/test/clear of SNAPFILE flags with ext4_set/test/clear_inode_flag/state macros
Commits on Mar 6, 2011
  1. Amir G.

    Merge remote branch 'piyush/move-on-delete' into ext4-snapshots

    amir73il authored
    1] merged Aditya's branch
    2] moved *maxblocks = count to end of test_and_move()
       and fixed small issues
    3] fixed a bug in mb_test_bit_range() (end argument to mb_find_next_zero_bit
       was incorrect) and implemeted using mb_find_next_bit()
    4] tested to find that it works!
  2. allocation for snapshot files is not needed in ext4_ext_map_blocks().

    snapshot files are in indirect mapped format.
  3. Amir G.

    fix merge errors from next3

    amir73il authored
    replace some next3/NEXT3 with ext4/EXT4 in the code.
  4. Amir G.

    fix build with EXT4_DEBUG defined

    amir73il authored
    both EXT4_DEBUG and EXT4_FS_DEBUG, were trying to bind the directory
    ext4 under debugfs. only the first one made it.
    I made EXT4_FS_DEBUG be dependent on EXT4_DEBUG and bind the snapshot
    debugfs entries to the existing ext4 directory.
Commits on Mar 5, 2011
  1. adityadani

    1] Added a new function in mballoc.c -

    adityadani authored
    	mb_test_bit_range(int bit, void *addr,int *pcount)
       Function used by ext4_snapshot_test_cow_bitmap from snapshot.c
    2] Changed variable name from pcount to maxblocks in function
       ext4_free_blocks in mballoc.c
Commits on Mar 4, 2011
  1. adityadani

    1] Removed warnings under ext4_snapshot_move and ext4_snapshot_test_c…

    adityadani authored
    2] In function ext4_snapshot_get_move_access added a new variable count to
       support the new API of ext4_snapshot_move
  2. adityadani

    1. Modified the move on delete implementation.

    adityadani authored
    2. Added support for freeing n blocks that should not be
       moved to snapshot.
    3. Changed API's of the following functions :
        1] ext4_snapshot_get_delete_access
        2] ext4_snapshot_move
        3] ext4_snapshot_test_and_move
        4] ext4_snapshot_test_cow_bitmap
Commits on Mar 3, 2011
  1. Amir G.
  2. Amir G.
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