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Commits on Sep 15, 2009
  1. Merge git://

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * git://
      ide: fixup for fujitsu disk
      ide: convert to ->proc_fops
      at91_ide: remove headers specific for at91sam9263
      IDE: palm_bk3710: convert clock usage after clkdev conversion
      ide: fix races in handling of user-space SET XFER commands
      ide: allow ide_dev_read_id() to be called from the IRQ context
      ide: ide-taskfile.c fix style problems
      drivers/ide/ide-cd.c: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST
      ide-tape: fix handling of postponed rqs
      ide-tape: convert to ide_debug_log macro
      ide-tape: fix debug call
      ide: Fix annoying warning in ide_pio_bytes().
      IDE: Save a call to PageHighMem()
  2. Merge branch 'next' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'next' of git:// (134 commits)
      powerpc/nvram: Enable use Generic NVRAM driver for different size chips
      powerpc/iseries: Fix oops reading from /proc/iSeries/mf/*/cmdline
      powerpc/ps3: Workaround for flash memory I/O error
      powerpc/booke: Don't set DABR on 64-bit BookE, use DAC1 instead
      powerpc/perf_counters: Reduce stack usage of power_check_constraints
      powerpc: Fix bug where perf_counters breaks oprofile
      powerpc/85xx: Fix SMP compile error and allow NULL for smp_ops
      powerpc/irq: Improve nanodoc
      powerpc: Fix some late PowerMac G5 with PCIe ATI graphics
      powerpc/fsl-booke: Use HW PTE format if CONFIG_PTE_64BIT
      powerpc/book3e: Add missing page sizes
      powerpc/pseries: Fix to handle slb resize across migration
      powerpc/powermac: Thermal control turns system off too eagerly
      powerpc/pci: Merge ppc32 and ppc64 versions of phb_scan()
      powerpc/405ex: support cuImage via included dtb
      powerpc/405ex: provide necessary fixup function to support cuImage
      powerpc/40x: Add support for the ESTeem 195E (PPC405EP) SBC
      powerpc/44x: Add Eiger AMCC (AppliedMicro) PPC460SX evaluation board support.
      powerpc/44x: Update Arches defconfig
      powerpc/44x: Update Arches dts
    Fix up conflicts in drivers/char/agp/uninorth-agp.c
  3. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git:// (46 commits)
      powerpc64: convert to dynamic percpu allocator
      sparc64: use embedding percpu first chunk allocator
      percpu: kill lpage first chunk allocator
      x86,percpu: use embedding for 64bit NUMA and page for 32bit NUMA
      percpu: update embedding first chunk allocator to handle sparse units
      percpu: use group information to allocate vmap areas sparsely
      vmalloc: implement pcpu_get_vm_areas()
      vmalloc: separate out insert_vmalloc_vm()
      percpu: add chunk->base_addr
      percpu: add pcpu_unit_offsets[]
      percpu: introduce pcpu_alloc_info and pcpu_group_info
      percpu: move pcpu_lpage_build_unit_map() and pcpul_lpage_dump_cfg() upward
      percpu: add @align to pcpu_fc_alloc_fn_t
      percpu: make @dyn_size mandatory for pcpu_setup_first_chunk()
      percpu: drop @static_size from first chunk allocators
      percpu: generalize first chunk allocator selection
      percpu: build first chunk allocators selectively
      percpu: rename 4k first chunk allocator to page
      percpu: improve boot messages
      percpu: fix pcpu_reclaim() locking
    Fix trivial conflict as by Tejun Heo in kernel/sched.c
  4. Nicolas Pitre has a new email address

    npitre authored and torvalds committed Sep 14, 2009
    Due to problems at, my email address is no longer
    valid.  FRom now on, should be used instead.
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Pitre <>
    Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
  5. Merge branch 'perfcounters-fixes-for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'perfcounters-fixes-for-linus' of git://
      perf_counter: Fix buffer overflow in perf_copy_attr()
  6. Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for_linus' of git:// (213 commits)
      V4L/DVB (12720): em28xx-cards: Add vendor/product id for Kworld DVD Maker 2
      V4L/DVB (12713): em28xx: Cleanups at ir_i2c handler
      V4L/DVB (12712): em28xx: properly load ir-kbd-i2c when needed
      V4L/DVB (12701): saa7134: ir-kbd-i2c init data needs a persistent object
      V4L/DVB (12699): cx18: ir-kbd-i2c initialization data should point to a persistent object
      V4L/DVB (12698): em28xx: ir-kbd-i2c init data needs a persistent object
      V4L/DVB (12707): gspca - sn9c20x: Add SXGA support to MT9M111
      V4L/DVB (12706): gspca - sn9c20x: disable exposure/gain controls for MT9M111 sensors.
      V4L/DVB (12705): gspca - sn9c20x: Add SXGA support to SOI968
      V4L/DVB (12703): gspca - sn9c20x: Reduces size of object
      V4L/DVB (12704): gspca - sn9c20x: Fix exposure on SOI968 sensors
      V4L/DVB (12696): gspca - sonixj / sn9c102: Two drivers for 0c45:60fc and 0c45:613e.
      V4L/DVB (12695): gspca - vc032x: Do the LED work with the sensor hv7131r.
      V4L/DVB (12694): gspca - vc032x: Change the start exchanges of the sensor hv7131r.
      V4L/DVB (12693): gspca - sunplus: The brightness is signed.
      V4L/DVB (12692): gspca - sunplus: Optimize code.
      V4L/DVB (12691): gspca - sonixj: Don't use mdelay().
      V4L/DVB (12690): gspca - pac7311: Webcam 06f8:3009 added.
      V4L/DVB (12686): dvb-core: check supported QAM modulations
      V4L/DVB (12685): dvb-core: check fe->ops.set_frontend return value
  7. Merge branch 'x86-pat-for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'x86-pat-for-linus' of git://
      x86, pat: Fix cacheflush address in change_page_attr_set_clr()
      mm: remove !NUMA condition from PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED condition set
      x86: Fix earlyprintk=dbgp for machines without NX
      x86, pat: Sanity check remap_pfn_range for RAM region
      x86, pat: Lookup the protection from memtype list on vm_insert_pfn()
      x86, pat: Add lookup_memtype to get the current memtype of a paddr
      x86, pat: Use page flags to track memtypes of RAM pages
      x86, pat: Generalize the use of page flag PG_uncached
      x86, pat: Add rbtree to do quick lookup in memtype tracking
      x86, pat: Add PAT reserve free to io_mapping* APIs
      x86, pat: New i/f for driver to request memtype for IO regions
      x86, pat: ioremap to follow same PAT restrictions as other PAT users
      x86, pat: Keep identity maps consistent with mmaps even when pat_disabled
      x86, mtrr: make mtrr_aps_delayed_init static bool
      x86, pat/mtrr: Rendezvous all the cpus for MTRR/PAT init
      generic-ipi: Allow cpus not yet online to call smp_call_function with irqs disabled
      x86: Fix an incorrect argument of reserve_bootmem()
      x86: Fix system crash when loading with "reservetop" parameter
  8. Merge branch 'x86-txt-for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'x86-txt-for-linus' of git://
      x86, intel_txt: clean up the impact on generic code, unbreak non-x86
      x86, intel_txt: Handle ACPI_SLEEP without X86_TRAMPOLINE
      x86, intel_txt: Fix typos in Kconfig help
      x86, intel_txt: Factor out the code for S3 setup
      x86, intel_txt: tboot.c needs <asm/fixmap.h>
      intel_txt: Force IOMMU on for Intel TXT launch
      x86, intel_txt: Intel TXT Sx shutdown support
      x86, intel_txt: Intel TXT reboot/halt shutdown support
      x86, intel_txt: Intel TXT boot support
  9. Merge branch 'agp-next' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'agp-next' of git://
      agp/intel: remove restore in resume
      agp: fix uninorth build
      intel-agp: Set dma mask for i915
      agp: kill phys_to_gart() and gart_to_phys()
      intel-agp: fix sglist allocation to avoid vmalloc()
      intel-agp: Move repeated sglist free into separate function
      agp: Switch agp_{un,}map_page() to take struct page * argument
      agp: tidy up handling of scratch pages w.r.t. DMA API
      intel_agp: Use PCI DMA API correctly on chipsets new enough to have IOMMU
      agp: Add generic support for graphics dma remapping
      agp: Switch mask_memory() method to take address argument again, not page
  10. ide: fixup for fujitsu disk

    lzufalcon authored and davem330 committed Sep 15, 2009
    This patch will fix the following problem on Yeeloong netbook with
    fujitsu disk.
    irq 14: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
    Call Trace:
    [<ffffffff8020d438>] dump_stack+0x8/0x40
    [<ffffffff8027ec64>] __report_bad_irq+0x58/0xe4
    [<ffffffff8027ee6c>] note_interrupt+0x17c/0x23c
    [<ffffffff8027f9b8>] handle_level_irq+0xcc/0x134
    [<ffffffff802125b0>] mach_irq_dispatch+0xb8/0x1e0
    [<ffffffff8020041c>] ret_from_irq+0x0/0x4
    [<ffffffff8029e678>] free_hot_cold_page+0x224/0x2a0
    [<ffffffff8026f794>] swsusp_free+0xb0/0x14c
    [<ffffffff8026ec08>] hibernate+0x198/0x218
    [<ffffffff8026cfa8>] state_store+0x90/0x138
    [<ffffffff8032b5a4>] sysfs_write_file+0x130/0x194
    [<ffffffff802c94fc>] vfs_write+0xb8/0x180
    [<ffffffff802c96b8>] SyS_write+0x50/0x98
    [<ffffffff80203fd8>] handle_sys+0x158/0x174
    [<ffffffff80429670>] (ide_intr+0x0/0x300)
    Disabling IRQ #14
    1. commit 1fde02e7146d4a1bab80fd1506f9018fe71e8521 of
    2. 8bc1e5a (ide: respect quirk_drives[]
    list on all controllers)
    Signed-off-by: Yan Hua <>
    Signed-off-by: Wu Zhangjin <>
    Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
  11. perf_counter: Fix buffer overflow in perf_copy_attr()

    Xiao Guangrong Ingo Molnar
    Xiao Guangrong authored and Ingo Molnar committed Sep 15, 2009
    If we pass a big size data over perf_counter_open() syscall,
    the kernel will copy this data to a small buffer, it will
    cause kernel crash.
    This bug makes the kernel unsafe and non-root local user can
    trigger it.
    Signed-off-by: Xiao Guangrong <>
    Acked-by: Peter Zijlstra <>
    Acked-by: Paul Mackerras <>
    Cc: <>
    LKML-Reference: <>
    Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <>
  12. Merge branch 'for-linus3' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus3' of git://
      SELinux: inline selinux_is_enabled in !CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX
      KEYS: Fix garbage collector
      KEYS: Unlock tasklist when exiting early from keyctl_session_to_parent
      CRED: Allow put_cred() to cope with a NULL groups list
      SELinux: flush the avc before disabling SELinux
      SELinux: seperate avc_cache flushing
      Creds: creds->security can be NULL is selinux is disabled
  13. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git:// (23 commits)
      at_hdmac: Rework suspend_late()/resume_early()
      PM: Reset transition_started at dpm_resume_noirq
      PM: Update kerneldoc comments in drivers/base/power/main.c
      PM: Add convenience macro to make switching to dev_pm_ops less error-prone
      hp-wmi: Switch driver to dev_pm_ops
      floppy: Switch driver to dev_pm_ops
      PM: Trivial fixes
      PM / Hibernate / Memory hotplug: Always use for_each_populated_zone()
      PM/Hibernate: Do not try to allocate too much memory too hard (rev. 2)
      PM/Hibernate: Do not release preallocated memory unnecessarily (rev. 2)
      PM/Hibernate: Rework shrinking of memory
      PM: Fix typo in label name s/Platofrm_finish/Platform_finish/
      PM: Run-time PM platform device bus support
      PM: Introduce core framework for run-time PM of I/O devices (rev. 17)
      Driver Core: Make PM operations a const pointer
      PM: Remove platform device suspend_late()/resume_early() V2
      USB: Rework musb suspend()/resume_early()
      I2C: Rework i2c-s3c2410 suspend_late()/resume() V2
      I2C: Rework i2c-pxa suspend_late()/resume_early()
      DMA: Rework txx9dmac suspend_late()/resume_early()
    Fix trivial conflict in drivers/base/platform.c (due to same
    constification patch being merged in both sides, along with some other
    PM work in the PM branch)
  14. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git://
      kconfig: add missing dependency of conf to localyesconfig
      kconfig: test if a .config already exists
      kconfig: make local .config default for streamline_config
      kconfig: test for /boot/config-uname after /proc/config.gz in localconfig
      kconfig: unset IKCONFIG_PROC and clean up nesting
      kconfig: search for a config to base the local(mod|yes)config on
      kconfig: keep config.gz around even if CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is not set
      kconfig: have extract-ikconfig read ELF files
      kconfig: add check if end exists in extract-ikconfig
      kconfig: enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG from
      kconfig: do not warn about modules built in
      kconfig: do not stop with no depends
      kconfig: add make localyesconfig option
      kconfig: make localmodconfig to run
      kconfig: add to scripts
  15. V4L/DVB (12720): em28xx-cards: Add vendor/product id for Kworld DVD M…

    dougsland authored and Mauro Carvalho Chehab committed Sep 6, 2009
    …aker 2
    Added Kworld DVD Maker 2
    Thanks to C Western <> for reporting this board.
    Signed-off-by: Douglas Schilling Landgraf <>
    Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <>
  16. SELinux: inline selinux_is_enabled in !CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX

    eparis authored and James Morris committed Sep 15, 2009
    Without this patch building a kernel emits millions of warning like:
    include/linux/selinux.h:92: warning: ?selinux_is_enabled? defined but not used
    When it is build without CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX.  This is harmless, but
    the function should be inlined, so it gets compiled out.
    Reported-by: Linus Torvalds <>
    Signed-off-by: Eric Paris <>
    Signed-off-by: James Morris <>
  17. Merge branch 'for-next' into for-linus

    htejun committed Sep 15, 2009
    * pcpu_chunk_page_occupied() doesn't exist in for-next.
    * pcpu_chunk_addr_search() updated to use raw_smp_processor_id().
  18. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git:// (52 commits)
      Input: bcm5974 - silence uninitialized variables warnings
      Input: wistron_btns - add keymap for AOpen 1557
      Input: psmouse - use boolean type
      Input: i8042 - use platform_driver_probe
      Input: i8042 - use boolean type where it makes sense
      Input: i8042 - try disabling and re-enabling AUX port at close
      Input: pxa27x_keypad - allow modifying keymap from userspace
      Input: sunkbd - fix formatting
      Input: i8042 - bypass AUX IRQ delivery test on laptops
      Input: wacom_w8001 - simplify querying logic
      Input: atkbd - allow setting force-release bitmap via sysfs
      Input: w90p910_keypad - move a dereference below a NULL test
      Input: add twl4030_keypad driver
      Input: matrix-keypad - add function to build device keymap
      Input: tosakbd - fix cleaning up KEY_STROBEs after error
      Input: joydev - validate axis/button maps before clobbering current ones
      Input: xpad - add USB ID for the drumkit controller from Rock Band
      Input: w90p910_keypad - rename driver name to match platform
      Input: add new driver for Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad
      Input: psmouse - allow defining read-only attributes
  19. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git://
      HID: completely remove apple mightymouse from blacklist
      HID: support larger reports than 64 bytes in hiddev
      HID: local function should be static
      HID: ignore Philips IEEE802.15.4 RF Dongle
      HID: ignore all recent SoundGraph iMON devices
      HID: fix memory leak on error patch in debug code
      HID: fix overrun in quirks initialization
      HID: Drop NULL test on list_entry result
      HID: driver for Twinhan USB 6253:0100 remote control
      HID: adding __init/__exit macros to module init/exit functions
      HID: add rumble support for Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1
      HID: ntrig tool separation and pen usages
      HID: Avoid double spin_lock_init on usbhid->lock
      HID: add force feedback support for Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP
      HID: Support new variants of Samsung USB IR receiver (0419:0001)
      HID: fix memory leak on error path in debug code
      HID: fix debugfs build with !CONFIG_DEBUG_FS
      HID: use debugfs for events/reports dumping
      HID: use debugfs for report dumping descriptor
  20. Merge branch 'for-2.6.32' of git://

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-2.6.32' of git:// (29 commits)
      block: use blkdev_issue_discard in blk_ioctl_discard
      Make DISCARD_BARRIER and DISCARD_NOBARRIER writes instead of reads
      block: don't assume device has a request list backing in nr_requests store
      block: Optimal I/O limit wrapper
      cfq: choose a new next_req when a request is dispatched
      Seperate read and write statistics of in_flight requests
      aoe: end barrier bios with EOPNOTSUPP
      block: trace bio queueing trial only when it occurs
      block: enable rq CPU completion affinity by default
      cfq: fix the log message after dispatched a request
      block: use printk_once
      cciss: memory leak in cciss_init_one()
      splice: update mtime and atime on files
      block: make blk_iopoll_prep_sched() follow normal 0/1 return convention
      cfq-iosched: get rid of must_alloc flag
      block: use interrupts disabled version of raise_softirq_irqoff()
      block: fix comment in blk-iopoll.c
      block: adjust default budget for blk-iopoll
      block: fix long lines in block/blk-iopoll.c
      block: add blk-iopoll, a NAPI like approach for block devices
  21. Merge git://

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * git:// (209 commits)
      [SCSI] fix oops during scsi scanning
      [SCSI] libsrp: fix memory leak in srp_ring_free()
      [SCSI] libiscsi, bnx2i: make bound ep check common
      [SCSI] libiscsi: add completion function for drivers that do not need pdu processing
      [SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: changes for rdac debug logging
      [SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: changes to collect the rdac debug information during the initialization
      [SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: move the init code from rdac_activate to rdac_bus_attach
      [SCSI] sg: fix oops in the error path in sg_build_indirect()
      [SCSI] mptsas : Bump version to 3.04.12
      [SCSI] mptsas : FW event thread and scsi mid layer deadlock in SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command
      [SCSI] mptsas : Send DID_NO_CONNECT for pending IOs of removed device
      [SCSI] mptsas : PAE Kernel more than 4 GB kernel panic
      [SCSI] mptsas : NULL pointer on big endian systems causing Expander not to tear off
      [SCSI] mptsas : Sanity check for phyinfo is added
      [SCSI] scsi_dh_rdac: Add support for Sun StorageTek ST2500, ST2510 and ST2530
      [SCSI] pmcraid: PMC-Sierra MaxRAID driver to support 6Gb/s SAS RAID controller
      [SCSI] qla2xxx: Update version number to 8.03.01-k6.
      [SCSI] qla2xxx: Properly delete rports attached to a vport.
      [SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct various NPIV issues.
      [SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct qla2x00_eh_wait_on_command() to wait correctly.
  22. Merge branch 'docs-next' of git://

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'docs-next' of git://
      Document the flex_array library.
      Doc: seq_file.txt fix wrong dd command example.
  23. Merge branch 'devel' of

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'devel' of (257 commits)
      [ARM] Update mach-types
      ARM: 5636/1: Move vendor enum to AMBA include
      ARM: Fix pfn_valid() for sparse memory
      [ARM] orion5x: Add LaCie NAS 2Big Network support
      [ARM] pxa/sharpsl_pm: zaurus c3000 aka spitz: fix resume
      ARM: 5686/1: at91: Correct AC97 reset line in at91sam9263ek board
      ARM: 5640/1: This patch modifies the support of AC97 on the at91sam9263 ek board
      ARM: 5689/1: Update default config of HP Jornada 700-series machines
      ARM: 5691/1: fix cache aliasing issues between kmap() and kmap_atomic() with highmem
      ARM: 5688/1: ks8695_serial: disable_irq() lockup
      ARM: 5687/1: fix an oops with highmem
      ARM: 5684/1: Add nuc960 platform to w90x900
      ARM: 5683/1: Add nuc950 platform to w90x900
      ARM: 5682/1: Add cpu.c and dev.c and modify some files of w90p910 platform
      ARM: 5626/1: add suspend/resume functions to amba-pl011 serial driver
      ARM: 5625/1: fix hard coded 4K resource size in amba bus detection
      MMC: MMCI: convert realview MMC to use gpiolib
      ARM: 5685/1: Make MMCI driver compile without gpiolib
      ARM: implement highpte
      ARM: Show FIQ in /proc/interrupts on CONFIG_FIQ
    Fix up trivial conflict in arch/arm/kernel/signal.c.
    It was due to the TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME addition in commit d0420c8 ("KEYS:
    Extend TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME to (almost) all architectures") and follow-ups.
  24. fix undefined reference to user_shm_unlock

    Hugh Dickins authored and torvalds committed Sep 12, 2009
    My 353d5c3 "mm: fix hugetlb bug due to
    user_shm_unlock call" broke the CONFIG_SYSVIPC !CONFIG_MMU build of both
    2.6.31 and "undefined reference to `user_shm_unlock'".
    gcc didn't understand my comment! so couldn't figure out to optimize
    away user_shm_unlock() from the error path in the hugetlb-less case, as
    it does elsewhere.  Help it to do so, in a language it understands.
    Reported-by: Mike Frysinger <>
    Signed-off-by: Hugh Dickins <>
    Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
  25. Merge branch 'kvm-updates/2.6.32' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'kvm-updates/2.6.32' of git:// (202 commits)
      MAINTAINERS: update KVM entry
      KVM: correct error-handling code
      KVM: fix compile warnings on s390
      KVM: VMX: Check cpl before emulating debug register access
      KVM: fix misreporting of coalesced interrupts by kvm tracer
      KVM: x86: drop duplicate kvm_flush_remote_tlb calls
      KVM: VMX: call vmx_load_host_state() only if msr is cached
      KVM: VMX: Conditionally reload debug register 6
      KVM: Use thread debug register storage instead of kvm specific data
      KVM guest: do not batch pte updates from interrupt context
      KVM: Fix coalesced interrupt reporting in IOAPIC
      KVM guest: fix bogus wallclock physical address calculation
      KVM: VMX: Fix cr8 exiting control clobbering by EPT
      KVM: Optimize kvm_mmu_unprotect_page_virt() for tdp
      KVM: Document KVM_CAP_IRQCHIP
      KVM: Protect update_cr8_intercept() when running without an apic
      KVM: VMX: Fix EPT with WP bit change during paging
      KVM: Use kvm_{read,write}_guest_virt() to read and write segment descriptors
      KVM: x86 emulator: Add adc and sbb missing decoder flags
      KVM: Add missing #include
  26. cleanup console_print()

    Anirban Sinha authored and torvalds committed Sep 14, 2009
    console_print() is an old legacy interface mostly unused in the entire
    kernel tree. It's best to clean up its existing use and let developers
    use their own implementation of it as they feel fit.
    Signed-off-by: Anirban Sinha <>
    Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
  27. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git://
      slub: fix slab_pad_check()
      slub: release kobject if sysfs_create_group failed in sysfs_slab_add
      SLUB: fix ARCH_KMALLOC_MINALIGN cases 64 and 256
      SLUB: Fix some coding style issues
      SLUB: Drop write permission to /proc/slabinfo
      slab: remove duplicate kmem_cache_init_late() declarations
      slub: change kmem_cache->align to record the real alignment
      slub: use size and objsize orders to disable debug flags
      slub: add option to disable higher order debugging slabs
  28. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 15, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git://
      x86, mce: do not compile mcelog message on AMD
      EDAC, AMD: decode FR MCEs
      EDAC, AMD: decode load store MCEs
      EDAC, AMD: decode bus unit MCEs
      EDAC, AMD: decode instruction cache MCEs
      EDAC, AMD: decode data cache MCEs
      EDAC, AMD: carve out decoding of MCi_STATUS ErrorCode
      EDAC, AMD: carve out MCi_STATUS decoding
      x86, mce: pass mce info to EDAC for decoding
      amd64_edac: cleanup amd64_decode_bus_error
      amd64_edac: remove memory and GART TLB error decoders
      amd64_edac: cleanup/complete NB MCE decoding
      amd64_edac: cleanup amd64_process_error_info
      EDAC: beef up ErrorCodeExt error signatures
      EDAC: move MCE error descriptions to EDAC core
Commits on Sep 14, 2009
  1. KEYS: Fix garbage collector

    dhowells authored and James Morris committed Sep 14, 2009
    Fix a number of problems with the new key garbage collector:
     (1) A rogue semicolon in keyring_gc() was causing the initial count of dead
         keys to be miscalculated.
     (2) A missing return in keyring_gc() meant that under certain circumstances,
         the keyring semaphore would be unlocked twice.
     (3) The key serial tree iterator (key_garbage_collector()) part of the garbage
         collector has been modified to:
         (a) Complete each scan of the keyrings before setting the new timer.
         (b) Only set the new timer for keys that have yet to expire.  This means
             that the new timer is now calculated correctly, and the gc doesn't
             get into a loop continually scanning for keys that have expired, and
             preventing other things from happening, like RCU cleaning up the old
             keyring contents.
         (c) Perform an extra scan if any keys were garbage collected in this one
         	 as a key might become garbage during a scan, and (b) could mean we
         	 don't set the timer again.
     (4) Made key_schedule_gc() take the time at which to do a collection run,
         rather than the time at which the key expires.  This means the collection
         of dead keys (key type unregistered) can happen immediately.
    Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
    Signed-off-by: James Morris <>
  2. KEYS: Unlock tasklist when exiting early from keyctl_session_to_parent

    mdionne authored and James Morris committed Sep 14, 2009
    When we exit early from keyctl_session_to_parent because of permissions or
    because the session keyring is the same as the parent, we need to unlock the
    The missing unlock causes the system to hang completely when using
    keyctl(KEYCTL_SESSION_TO_PARENT) with a keyring shared with the parent.
    Signed-off-by: Marc Dionne <>
    Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
    Signed-off-by: James Morris <>
  3. CRED: Allow put_cred() to cope with a NULL groups list

    dhowells authored and James Morris committed Sep 14, 2009
    put_cred() will oops if given a NULL groups list, but that is now possible with
    the existence of cred_alloc_blank(), as used in keyctl_session_to_parent().
    Added in commit:
    	commit ee18d64
    	Author: David Howells <>
    	Date:   Wed Sep 2 09:14:21 2009 +0100
    	KEYS: Add a keyctl to install a process's session keyring on its parent [try #6]
    Reported-by: Marc Dionne <>
    Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
    Signed-off-by: James Morris <>
  4. Merge branch 'osync_cleanup' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 14, 2009
    * 'osync_cleanup' of git://
      fsync: wait for data writeout completion before calling ->fsync
      vfs: Remove generic_osync_inode() and sync_page_range{_nolock}()
      fat: Opencode sync_page_range_nolock()
      pohmelfs: Use new syncing helper
      xfs: Convert sync_page_range() to simple filemap_write_and_wait_range()
      ocfs2: Update syncing after splicing to match generic version
      ntfs: Use new syncing helpers and update comments
      ext4: Remove syncing logic from ext4_file_write
      ext3: Remove syncing logic from ext3_file_write
      ext2: Update comment about generic_osync_inode
      vfs: Introduce new helpers for syncing after writing to O_SYNC file or IS_SYNC inode
      vfs: Rename generic_file_aio_write_nolock
      ocfs2: Use __generic_file_aio_write instead of generic_file_aio_write_nolock
      pohmelfs: Use __generic_file_aio_write instead of generic_file_aio_write_nolock
      vfs: Remove syncing from generic_file_direct_write() and generic_file_buffered_write()
      vfs: Export __generic_file_aio_write() and add some comments
      vfs: Introduce filemap_fdatawait_range
  5. Merge branch 'master' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 14, 2009
    * 'master' of git://
      GFS2: Whitespace fixes
      GFS2: Remove unused sysfs file
      GFS2: Be extra careful about deallocating inodes
      GFS2: Remove no_formal_ino generating code
      GFS2: Rename eattr.[ch] as xattr.[ch]
      GFS2: Clean up of extended attribute support
      GFS2: Add explanation of extended attr on-disk format
      GFS2: Add "-o errors=panic|withdraw" mount options
      GFS2: jumping to wrong label?
      GFS2: free disk inode which is deleted by remote node -V2
      GFS2: Add a document explaining GFS2's uevents
      GFS2: Add sysfs link to device
      GFS2: Replace assertion with proper error handling
      GFS2: Improve error handling in inode allocation
      GFS2: Add some more info to uevents
      GFS2: Add online uevent to GFS2
  6. Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 14, 2009
    * 'for_linus' of git://
      udf: Fix possible corruption when close races with write
      udf: Perform preallocation only for regular files
      udf: Remove wrong assignment in udf_symlink
      udf: Remove dead code
  7. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    torvalds committed Sep 14, 2009
    * 'for-linus' of git:// (21 commits)
      fs/Kconfig: move nilfs2 outside misc filesystems
      nilfs2: convert nilfs_bmap_lookup to an inline function
      nilfs2: allow btree code to directly call dat operations
      nilfs2: add update functions of virtual block address to dat
      nilfs2: remove individual gfp constants for each metadata file
      nilfs2: stop zero-fill of btree path just before free it
      nilfs2: remove unused btree argument from btree functions
      nilfs2: remove nilfs_dat_abort_start and nilfs_dat_abort_free
      nilfs2: shorten freeze period due to GC in write operation v3
      nilfs2: add more check routines in mount process
      nilfs2: An unassigned variable is assigned to a never used structure member
      nilfs2: use GFP_NOIO for bio_alloc instead of GFP_NOWAIT
      nilfs2: stop using periodic write_super callback
      nilfs2: clean up nilfs_write_super
      nilfs2: fix disorder of nilfs_write_super in nilfs_sync_fs
      nilfs2: remove redundant super block commit
      nilfs2: implement nilfs_show_options to display mount options in /proc/mounts
      nilfs2: always lookup disk block address before reading metadata block
      nilfs2: use semaphore to protect pointer to a writable FS-instance
      nilfs2: fix format string compile warning (ino_t)