Commits on Aug 8, 2010
  1. Merge git://

    * git://
      arch/tile: check kmalloc() result
      arch/tile: catch up on various minor cleanups.
      arch/tile: avoid erroneous error return for PTRACE_POKEUSR.
      tile: remove homegrown L1_CACHE_ALIGN macro
      arch/tile: Miscellaneous cleanup changes.
      arch/tile: Split the icache flush code off to a generic <arch> header.
      arch/tile: Fix bug in support for atomic64_xx() ops.
      arch/tile: Shrink the tile-opcode files considerably.
      arch/tile: Add driver to enable access to the user dynamic network.
      arch/tile: Enable more sophisticated IRQ model for 32-bit chips.
      Move list types from <linux/list.h> to <linux/types.h>.
      Add wait4() back to the set of <asm-generic/unistd.h> syscalls.
      Revert adding some arch-specific signal syscalls to <linux/syscalls.h>.
      arch/tile: Do not use GFP_KERNEL for dma_alloc_coherent(). Feedback from
      arch/tile: core support for Tilera 32-bit chips.
      Fix up the "generic" unistd.h ABI to be more useful.
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  2. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (51 commits)
      CRIS: Fix alignment problem for older ld
      CRIS: Always dump registers for segfaulting process.
      CRIS: Add config for pausing a seg-faulting process
      CRIS: Don't take faults while in_atomic
      CRIS: Fixup lookup for delay slot faults
      CRIS: Discard exit.text and .data at runtime
      CRIS: Add cache aligned and read mostly data sections
      CRIS: Return something from profile write
      CRIS: Add ARTPEC-3 and timestamps for sync-serial
      CRIS: Better ARTPEC-3 support for gpio
      CRIS: Add include guard
      CRIS: Better handling of pinmux settings
      CRIS: New DMA defines for ARTPEC-3
      CRIS: __do_strncpy_from_user: Don't read the byte beyond the nil
      CRIS: Pagetable for ARTPEC-3
      CRIS: Machine dependent memmap.h
      CRIS: Check if pointer is set before using it
      CRIS: Machine dependent dma.h
      CRIS: Define __read_mostly for CRISv32
      CRIS: Discard section
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  3. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

    * 'for-linus' of git://
      [ARM] tegra: add MAINTAINERS entry
      [ARM] tegra: harmony: Add harmony board file
      [ARM] tegra: add pinmux support
      [ARM] tegra: add GPIO support
      [ARM] tegra: Add timer support
      [ARM] tegra: SMP support
      [ARM] tegra: Add clock support
      [ARM] tegra: Add IRQ support
      [ARM] tegra: initial tegra support
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  4. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

    * 'for-linus' of git://
      drivers/video/via/via-gpio.c: fix warning
      viafb: Depends on X86
      fbdev: section cleanup in viafb driver
      viafb: fix accel_flags check_var bug
      viafb: probe cleanups
      viafb: remove ioctls which break the framebuffer interface
      viafb: update fix before calculating depth
      viafb: PLL value cleanup
      viafb: simplify lcd size "detection"
      viafb: fix PCI table
      viafb: add lcd scaling support for some IGPs
      viafb: improve lcd code readability
      viafb: remove duplicated scaling code
      MAINTAINERS: update viafb entry
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  5. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (64 commits)
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: add support for FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC
      OMAP: DSS2: Replace strncmp() with sysfs_streq() in overlay_manager_store()
      OMAP: DSS2: Fix error path in omap_dsi_update()
      OMAP: DSS2: TDO35S: fix video signaling
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Fix invalid bpp for PAL and NTSC modes
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Fix probe error path
      OMAP3EVM: Replace vdvi regulator supply with vdds_dsi
      OMAP: DSS2: Remove extra return statement
      OMAP: DSS2: adjust YUV overlay width to be even
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Fix sysfs mirror input check
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Remove redundant color register range check
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Remove redundant rotate range check
      OMAP: DSS2: OMAPFB: Check fb2display() return value
      OMAP: DSS2: Taal: Optimize enable_te, rotate, mirror when value unchanged
      OMAP: DSS2: DSI: detect unsupported update requests
      OMAP: DSS2: DSI: increase FIFO low threshold
      OMAP: DSS2: DSI: Add error IRQ mask for DSI complexIO
      OMAP: DSS2: DSI: Remove BTA after set_max_rx_packet_size
      OMAP: DSS2: change manual update scaling setup
      OMAP: DSS2: DSI: use BTA to end the frame transfer
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  6. Merge branch 'omap-for-linus' of git://…

    * 'omap-for-linus' of git:// (143 commits)
      omap: mailbox: reorganize headers
      omap: mailbox: standarize on 'omap-mailbox'
      omap: mailbox: only compile for configured archs
      omap: mailbox: simplify omap_mbox_register()
      omap: mailbox: reorganize registering
      omap: mailbox: add IRQ names
      omap: mailbox: remove unecessary fields
      omap: mailbox: don't export unecessary symbols
      omap: mailbox: update omap1 probing
      omap: mailbox: use correct config for omap1
      omap: mailbox: 2420 should be detected at run-time
      omap: mailbox: reorganize structures
      omap: mailbox: trivial cleanups
      omap mailbox: Set a device in logical mbox instance for traceability
      omap: mailbox: convert block api to kfifo
      omap: mailbox: remove (un)likely macros from cold paths
      omap: mailbox cleanup: split MODULE_AUTHOR line
      omap: mailbox: convert rwlocks to spinlock
      Mailbox: disable mailbox interrupt when request queue
      Mailbox: new mutext lock for h/w mailbox configuration
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  7. Merge branch 'davinci-for-linus' of git://…

    * 'davinci-for-linus' of git://
      davinci: dm646x EVM: Specify reserved EDMA channel/slots
      davinci: da8xx/omapl EVM: Specify reserved channels/slots
      davinci: support for EDMA resource sharing
      davinci: edma: provide ability to detect insufficient CC info data
      davinci: da8xx: sparse cleanup: remove duplicate entries in irq priorities
      davinci: DM365: fixed second serial port
      Davinci: tnetv107x evm board initial support
      Davinci: tnetv107x initial gpio support
      Davinci: tnetv107x soc support
      Davinci: tnetv107x decompresser uart definitions
      Davinci: generalized debug macros
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  8. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (82 commits)
      firewire: core: add forgotten dummy driver methods, remove unused ones
      firewire: add isochronous multichannel reception
      firewire: core: small clarifications in core-cdev
      firewire: core: remove unused code
      firewire: ohci: release channel in error path
      firewire: ohci: use memory barriers to order descriptor updates
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: increment program version
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: remove unused code
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: use linux/firewire-constants.h
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: break up a deeply nested function
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: make some symbols static or const
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: change to kernel coding style
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: work around segfault in decode_fcp
      tools/firewire: nosy-dump: fix it on x86-64
      tools/firewire: add userspace front-end of nosy
      firewire: nosy: note ioctls in ioctl-number.txt
      firewire: nosy: use generic printk macros
      firewire: nosy: endianess fixes and annotations
      firewire: nosy: annotate __user pointers and __iomem pointers
      firewire: nosy: fix device shutdown with active client
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  9. Merge branch 'acpica' of git://…

    * 'acpica' of git:// (27 commits)
      ACPI / ACPICA: Simplify acpi_ev_initialize_gpe_block()
      ACPI / ACPICA: Fail acpi_gpe_wakeup() if ACPI_GPE_CAN_WAKE is unset
      ACPI / ACPICA: Do not execute _PRW methods during initialization
      ACPI: Fix bogus GPE test in acpi_bus_set_run_wake_flags()
      ACPICA: Update version to 20100702
      ACPICA: Fix for Alias references within Package objects
      ACPICA: Fix lint warning for 64-bit constant
      ACPICA: Remove obsolete GPE function
      ACPICA: Update debug output components
      ACPICA: Add support for WDDT - Watchdog Descriptor Table
      ACPICA: Drop acpi_set_gpe
      ACPICA: Use low-level GPE enable during GPE block initialization
      ACPI / EC: Do not use acpi_set_gpe
      ACPI / EC: Drop suspend and resume routines
      ACPICA: Remove wakeup GPE reference counting which is not used
      ACPICA: Introduce acpi_gpe_wakeup()
      ACPICA: Rename acpi_hw_gpe_register_bit
      ACPICA: Update version to 20100528
      ACPICA: Add signatures for undefined tables: ATKG, GSCI, IEIT
      ACPICA: Optimization: Reduce the number of namespace walks
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  10. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (42 commits)
      IB/qib: Add missing <linux/slab.h> include
      IB/ehca: Drop unnecessary NULL test
      RDMA/nes: Fix confusing if statement indentation
      IB/ehca: Init irq tasklet before irq can happen
      RDMA/nes: Fix misindented code
      RDMA/nes: Fix showing wqm_quanta
      RDMA/nes: Get rid of "set but not used" variables
      RDMA/nes: Read firmware version from correct place
      IB/srp: Export req_lim via sysfs
      IB/srp: Make receive buffer handling more robust
      IB/srp: Use print_hex_dump()
      RDMA/nes: Fix two sparse warnings
      RDMA/cxgb3: Make needlessly global iwch_l2t_send() static
      IB/iser: Make needlessly global iser_alloc_rx_descriptors() static
      RDMA/cxgb4: Add timeouts when waiting for FW responses
      IB/qib: Fix race between qib_error_qp() and receive packet processing
      IB/qib: Limit the number of packets processed per interrupt
      IB/qib: Allow writes to the diag_counters to be able to clear them
      IB/qib: Set cfgctxts to number of CPUs by default
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  11. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (214 commits)
      ALSA: hda - Add pin-fix for HP dc5750
      ALSA: als4000: Fix potentially invalid DMA mode setup
      ALSA: als4000: enable burst mode
      ALSA: hda - Fix initial capsrc selection in patch_alc269()
      ASoC: TWL4030: Capture route runtime DAPM ordering fix
      ALSA: hda - Add PC-beep whitelist for an Intel board
      ALSA: hda - More relax for pending period handling
      ALSA: hda - Define AC_FMT_* constants
      ALSA: hda - Fix beep frequency on IDT 92HD73xx and 92HD71Bxx codecs
      ALSA: hda - Add support for HDMI HBR passthrough
      ALSA: hda - Set Stream Type in Stream Format according to AES0
      ALSA: hda - Fix Thinkpad X300 so SPDIF is not exposed
      ALSA: hda - FIX to not expose SPDIF on Thinkpad X301, since it does not have the ability to use SPDIF
      ASoC: wm9081: fix resource reclaim in wm9081_register error path
      ASoC: wm8978: fix a memory leak if a wm8978_register fail
      ASoC: wm8974: fix a memory leak if another WM8974 is registered
      ASoC: wm8961: fix resource reclaim in wm8961_register error path
      ASoC: wm8955: fix resource reclaim in wm8955_register error path
      ASoC: wm8940: fix a memory leak if wm8940_register return error
      ASoC: wm8904: fix resource reclaim in wm8904_register error path
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
  12. Merge branch 'bkl/core' of git://…

    * 'bkl/core' of git://
      do_coredump: Do not take BKL
      init: Remove the BKL from startup code
    torvalds committed Aug 8, 2010
Commits on Aug 7, 2010
  1. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git://
      SELINUX: Fix build error.
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  2. Merge branch 'for-2.6.36' of git://

    * 'for-2.6.36' of git:// (34 commits)
      nfsd4: fix file open accounting for RDWR opens
      nfsd: don't allow setting maxblksize after svc created
      nfsd: initialize nfsd versions before creating svc
      net: sunrpc: removed duplicated #include
      nfsd41: Fix a crash when a callback is retried
      nfsd: fix startup/shutdown order bug
      nfsd: minor nfsd read api cleanup
      gcc-4.6: nfsd: fix initialized but not read warnings
      nfsd4: share file descriptors between stateid's
      nfsd4: fix openmode checking on IO using lock stateid
      nfsd4: miscellaneous process_open2 cleanup
      nfsd4: don't pretend to support write delegations
      nfsd: bypass readahead cache when have struct file
      nfsd: minor nfsd_svc() cleanup
      nfsd: move more into nfsd_startup()
      nfsd: just keep single lockd reference for nfsd
      nfsd: clean up nfsd_create_serv error handling
      nfsd: fix error handling in __write_ports_addxprt
      nfsd: fix error handling when starting nfsd with rpcbind down
      nfsd4: fix v4 state shutdown error paths
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  3. AFS: Fix the module init error handling

    Fix the module init error handling.  There are a bunch of goto labels for
    aborting the init procedure at different points and just undoing what needs
    undoing - they aren't all in the right places, however.
    This can lead to an oops like the following:
    	BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000020
    	IP: [<ffffffff81042a31>] destroy_workqueue+0x17/0xc0
    	Modules linked in: kafs(+) dns_resolver rxkad af_rxrpc fscache
    	Pid: 2171, comm: insmod Not tainted 2.6.35-cachefs+ #319 DG965RY/
    	Process insmod (pid: 2171, threadinfo ffff88003ca6a000, task ffff88003dcc3050)
    	Call Trace:
    	 [<ffffffffa0055994>] afs_callback_update_kill+0x10/0x12 [kafs]
    	 [<ffffffffa007d1c5>] afs_init+0x190/0x1ce [kafs]
    	 [<ffffffffa007d035>] ? afs_init+0x0/0x1ce [kafs]
    	 [<ffffffff810001ef>] do_one_initcall+0x59/0x14e
    	 [<ffffffff8105f7ee>] sys_init_module+0x9c/0x1de
    	 [<ffffffff81001eab>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b
    Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
    Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
    dhowells committed with torvalds Aug 6, 2010
  4. Merge branch 'nfs-for-2.6.36' of git://…

    * 'nfs-for-2.6.36' of git:// (42 commits)
      NFS: NFSv4.1 is no longer a "developer only" feature
      NFS: NFS_V4 is no longer an EXPERIMENTAL feature
      NFS: Fix /proc/mount for legacy binary interface
      NFS: Fix the locking in nfs4_callback_getattr
      SUNRPC: Defer deleting the security context until gss_do_free_ctx()
      SUNRPC: prevent task_cleanup running on freed xprt
      SUNRPC: Reduce asynchronous RPC task stack usage
      SUNRPC: Move the bound cred to struct rpc_rqst
      SUNRPC: Clean up of rpc_bindcred()
      SUNRPC: Move remaining RPC client related task initialisation into clnt.c
      SUNRPC: Ensure that rpc_exit() always wakes up a sleeping task
      SUNRPC: Make the credential cache hashtable size configurable
      SUNRPC: Store the hashtable size in struct rpc_cred_cache
      NFS: Ensure the AUTH_UNIX credcache is allocated dynamically
      NFS: Fix the NFS users of rpc_restart_call()
      SUNRPC: The function rpc_restart_call() should return success/failure
      NFSv4: Get rid of the bogus RPC_ASSASSINATED(task) checks
      NFSv4: Clean up the process of renewing the NFSv4 lease
      NFSv4.1: Handle NFS4ERR_DELAY on SEQUENCE correctly
      NFS: nfs_rename() should not have to flush out writebacks
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  5. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git://
      fuse: add retrieve request
      fuse: add store request
      fuse: don't use atomic kmap
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  6. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (45 commits)
      nilfs2: reject filesystem with unsupported block size
      nilfs2: avoid rec_len overflow with 64KB block size
      nilfs2: simplify nilfs_get_page function
      nilfs2: reject incompatible filesystem
      nilfs2: add feature set fields to super block
      nilfs2: clarify byte offset in super block format
      nilfs2: apply read-ahead for nilfs_btree_lookup_contig
      nilfs2: introduce check flag to btree node buffer
      nilfs2: add btree get block function with readahead option
      nilfs2: add read ahead mode to nilfs_btnode_submit_block
      nilfs2: fix buffer head leak in nilfs_btnode_submit_block
      nilfs2: eliminate inline keywords in btree implementation
      nilfs2: get maximum number of child nodes from bmap object
      nilfs2: reduce repetitive calculation of max number of child nodes
      nilfs2: optimize calculation of min/max number of btree node children
      nilfs2: remove redundant pointer checks in bmap lookup functions
      nilfs2: get rid of nilfs_bmap_union
      nilfs2: unify bmap set_target_v operations
      nilfs2: get rid of nilfs_btree uses
      nilfs2: get rid of nilfs_direct uses
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  7. Merge branch 'next' of git://…

    * 'next' of git:// (40 commits)
      ext4: Adding error check after calling ext4_mb_regular_allocator()
      ext4: Fix dirtying of journalled buffers in data=journal mode
      ext4: re-inline ext4_rec_len_(to|from)_disk functions
      jbd2: Remove t_handle_lock from start_this_handle()
      jbd2: Change j_state_lock to be a rwlock_t
      jbd2: Use atomic variables to avoid taking t_handle_lock in jbd2_journal_stop
      ext4: Add mount options in superblock
      ext4: force block allocation on quota_off
      ext4: fix freeze deadlock under IO
      ext4: drop inode from orphan list if ext4_delete_inode() fails
      ext4: check to make make sure bd_dev is set before dereferencing it
      jbd2: Make barrier messages less scary
      ext4: don't print scary messages for allocation failures post-abort
      ext4: fix EFBIG edge case when writing to large non-extent file
      ext4: fix ext4_get_blocks references
      ext4: Always journal quota file modifications
      ext4: Fix potential memory leak in ext4_fill_super
      ext4: Don't error out the fs if the user tries to make a file too big
      ext4: allocate stripe-multiple IOs on stripe boundaries
      ext4: move aio completion after unwritten extent conversion
    Fix up conflicts in fs/ext4/inode.c as per Ted.
    Fix up xfs conflicts as per earlier xfs merge.
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  8. Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://…

    * 'for_linus' of git://
      ext3: Fix dirtying of journalled buffers in data=journal mode
      ext3: default to ordered mode
      quota: Use mark_inode_dirty_sync instead of mark_inode_dirty
      quota: Change quota error message to print out disk and function name
      MAINTAINERS: Update entries of ext2 and ext3
      MAINTAINERS: Update address of Andreas Dilger
      ext3: Avoid filesystem corruption after a crash under heavy delete load
      ext3: remove vestiges of nobh support
      ext3: Fix set but unused variables
      quota: clean up quota active checks
      quota: Clean up the namespace in dqblk_xfs.h
      quota: check quota reservation on remove_dquot_ref
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  9. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git://
      fs/dlm: Drop unnecessary null test
      dlm: use genl_register_family_with_ops()
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  10. Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://…

    * 'for_linus' of git://
      udf: super.c Fix warning: variable 'sbi' set but not used
      udf: remove duplicated #include
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  11. Merge git://

    * git://
      [DNS RESOLVER] Minor typo correction
      DNS: Fixes for the DNS query module
      cifs: Include linux/err.h for IS_ERR and PTR_ERR
      DNS: Make AFS go to the DNS for AFSDB records for unknown cells
      DNS: Separate out CIFS DNS Resolver code
      cifs: account for new creduid=0x%x parameter in spnego upcall string
      cifs: reduce false positives with inode aliasing serverino autodisable
      CIFS: Make cifs_convert_address() take a const src pointer and a length
      cifs: show features compiled in as part of DebugData
      cifs: update README
    Fix up trivial conflicts in fs/cifs/cifsfs.c due to workqueue changes
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  12. Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

    * 'for-linus' of git:// (55 commits)
      workqueue: mark init_workqueues() as early_initcall()
      workqueue: explain for_each_*cwq_cpu() iterators
      fscache: fix build on !CONFIG_SYSCTL
      slow-work: kill it
      gfs2: use workqueue instead of slow-work
      drm: use workqueue instead of slow-work
      cifs: use workqueue instead of slow-work
      fscache: drop references to slow-work
      fscache: convert operation to use workqueue instead of slow-work
      fscache: convert object to use workqueue instead of slow-work
      workqueue: fix how cpu number is stored in work->data
      workqueue: fix mayday_mask handling on UP
      workqueue: fix build problem on !CONFIG_SMP
      workqueue: fix locking in retry path of maybe_create_worker()
      async: use workqueue for worker pool
      workqueue: remove WQ_SINGLE_CPU and use WQ_UNBOUND instead
      workqueue: implement unbound workqueue
      workqueue: prepare for WQ_UNBOUND implementation
      libata: take advantage of cmwq and remove concurrency limitations
      workqueue: fix worker management invocation without pending works
    Fixed up conflicts in fs/cifs/* as per Tejun. Other trivial conflicts in
    include/linux/workqueue.h, kernel/trace/Kconfig and kernel/workqueue.c
    torvalds committed Aug 7, 2010
  13. nfsd4: fix file open accounting for RDWR opens

    Commit f9d7562 "nfsd4: share file
    descriptors between stateid's" didn't correctly account for O_RDWR opens.
    Symptoms include leaked files, resulting in failures to unmount and/or
    warnings about orphaned inodes on reboot.
    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
    J. Bruce Fields committed Aug 7, 2010
Commits on Aug 6, 2010
  1. Merge branch 'x86-xsave-for-linus' of git://…

    * 'x86-xsave-for-linus' of git://
      x86, xsave: Make xstate_enable_boot_cpu() __init, protect on CPU 0
      x86, xsave: Add __init attribute to setup_xstate_features()
      x86, xsave: Make init_xstate_buf static
      x86, xsave: Check cpuid level for XSTATE_CPUID (0x0d)
      x86, xsave: Introduce xstate enable functions
      x86, xsave: Separate fpu and xsave initialization
      x86, xsave: Move boot cpu initialization to xsave_init()
      x86, xsave: 32/64 bit boot cpu check unification in initialization
      x86, xsave: Do not include asm/i387.h in asm/xsave.h
      x86, xsave: Use xsaveopt in context-switch path when supported
      x86, xsave: Sync xsave memory layout with its header for user handling
      x86, xsave: Track the offset, size of state in the xsave layout
    torvalds committed Aug 6, 2010
  2. Merge branch 'x86-mce-for-linus' of git://…

    * 'x86-mce-for-linus' of git://
      x86, mce: Use HW_ERR in MCE handler
      x86, mce: Add HW_ERR printk prefix for hardware error logging
      x86, mce: Fix MSR_IA32_MCI_CTL2 CMCI threshold setup
      x86, mce: Rename MSR_IA32_MCx_CTL2 value
    torvalds committed Aug 6, 2010
  3. Merge branch 'x86-olpc-for-linus' of git://…

    * 'x86-olpc-for-linus' of git://
      x86, olpc: Constify an olpc_ofw() arg
      x86, olpc: Use pr_debug() for EC commands
      x86, olpc: Add comment about implicit optimization barrier
      x86, olpc: Add support for calling into OpenFirmware
    torvalds committed Aug 6, 2010
  4. Merge branch 'x86-alternatives-for-linus' of git://…

    * 'x86-alternatives-for-linus' of git://
      x86, alternatives: BUG on encountering an invalid CPU feature number
      x86, alternatives: Fix one more open-coded 8-bit alternative number
      x86, alternatives: Use 16-bit numbers for cpufeature index
    torvalds committed Aug 6, 2010
  5. Merge branches 'x86-cleanups-for-linus', 'x86-vmware-for-linus', 'x86…

    …-mtrr-for-linus', 'x86-apic-for-linus', 'x86-fpu-for-linus' and 'x86-vdso-for-linus' of git://
    * 'x86-cleanups-for-linus' of git://
      x86: Clean up arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mtrr/cleanup.c: use ";" not "," to terminate statements
    * 'x86-vmware-for-linus' of git://
      x86, vmware: Preset lpj values when on VMware.
    * 'x86-mtrr-for-linus' of git://
      x86, mtrr: Use stop machine context to rendezvous all the cpu's
    * 'x86-apic-for-linus' of git://
      x86/apic/es7000_32: Remove unused variable
    * 'x86-fpu-for-linus' of git://
      x86: Avoid unnecessary __clear_user() and xrstor in signal handling
    * 'x86-vdso-for-linus' of git://
      x86, vdso: Unmap vdso pages
    torvalds committed Aug 6, 2010
  6. Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://…

    * 'for_linus' of git://
      console: Fix compilation regression
    torvalds committed Aug 6, 2010
  7. SELINUX: Fix build error.

    Fix build error caused by a stale security/selinux/av_permissions.h in the $(src)
    directory which will override a more recent version in $(obj) that is it
    appears to strike only when building with a separate object directory.
    Signed-off-by: Ralf Baechle <>
    Acked-by: Eric Paris <>
    Signed-off-by: James Morris <>
    ralfbaechle committed with James Morris Aug 6, 2010
  8. nfsd: don't allow setting maxblksize after svc created

    It's harmless to set this after the server is created, but also
    ineffective, since the value is only used at the time of
    svc_create_pooled().  So fail the attempt, in keeping with the pattern
    set by write_versions, write_{lease,grace}time and write_recoverydir.
    (This could break userspace that tried to write to nfsd/max_block_size
    between setting up sockets and starting the server.  However, such code
    wouldn't have worked anyway, and I don't know of any examples--rpc.nfsd
    in nfs-utils, probably the only user of the interface, doesn't do that.)
    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
    J. Bruce Fields committed Aug 6, 2010
  9. nfsd: initialize nfsd versions before creating svc

    Commit 59db4a0 "nfsd: move more into
    nfsd_startup()" inadvertently moved nfsd_versions after
    nfsd_create_svc().  On older distributions using an rpc.nfsd that does
    not explicitly set the list of nfsd versions, this results in
    svc-create_pooled() being called with an empty versions array.  The
    resulting incomplete initialization leads to a NULL dereference in
    svc_process_common() the first time a client accesses the server.
    Move nfsd_reset_versions() back before the svc_create_pooled(); this
    time, put it closer to the svc_create_pooled() call, to make this
    mistake more difficult in the future.
    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
    J. Bruce Fields committed Aug 6, 2010
  10. net: sunrpc: removed duplicated #include

    Signed-off-by: Andrea Gelmini <>
    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <>
    Gelma committed with J. Bruce Fields Aug 5, 2010