A simple adb logcat viewer for Mac OS X written in Objective-C
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LogCat is a simple adb logcat viewer written purely in Objective-C and designed with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines in mind. It uses the native GUI views and is a lot nicer for the eyes than Eclipse plugins.

I'm a mobile device programmer. I've been working with Windows Mobile and iOS for quite some time now and when I started Android development I found Eclipse as the main frustration generator. It offers a lot of tools to get the job done but the quality of their design is poor. I started using eclim on a regular basis which allowed me to write code in Vim but I was lacking a small app that would display Android logs and allow for easy filtering and searching within them. Here it is - LogCat - a simple log viewer for Android.

P.S. This is my first open source project so please go easy on me :)

P.P.S. This was hacked in a couple of hours and I'm not the best Mac OS X programmer in the world so it must look silly :)


  • Search as you type filtering
  • Definable filters for quick access to frequently checked logs. Filterable by:
    • message,
    • log type,
    • tag,
    • PID
  • "Intelligent" automatic scroll
  • Ability to change font color and style for each for different log types





Icon design: Kamil Tatara - cakeshop.pl

Special thanks: Dawid Gatti (Dawid's GitHub profile) for emerging with the idea for this project


This is a not prioritized list of what I'd like to add to LogCat:

  1. Support for more than 1 device at a time.
  2. Automatically generated filters for all the tags, types etc.
  3. Better and easier filter definitions with NSPredicateEditor.
  4. RegExp searching and filtering.
  5. Autodetection of adb location (or bundling the adb within LogCat?).
  6. A better solution for reading and parsing adb output.


If you find a bug or think you can add or fix sommething: fork, change, send a pull request, welcome to the Credits list. That easy!