YAddress Web API .NET Client
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YAddress Web API .NET Client
YAddress Web API .NET Client.sln


YAddress Web API .NET Client

Makes calls into YAddress Web API for postal address correction, validation, standardization and geocoding.

Add it to your project as a NuGet package "YAddressWebApiClient".

PM> Install-Package YAddressWebApiClient

Find more about YAddress Web API at http://www.yaddress.net/Home/WebApi

How To Use

// Instantiate client
YAddress.Client client = new YAddress.Client();

// Process address
YAddress.Client.Address adr = 
    client.ProcessAddress("506 Fourth Avenue Unit 1", "Asbury Prk, NJ", null);

// Print out the results
Console.WriteLine("ErrorCode: " + adr.ErrorCode);
Console.WriteLine("ErrorMessage: " + adr.ErrorMessage);
Console.WriteLine("AddressLine1: " + adr.AddressLine1);
Console.WriteLine("AddressLine2: " + adr.AddressLine2);
Console.WriteLine("Latitude: " + adr.Latitude);
Console.WriteLine("Longitude: " + adr.Longitude);