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Code samples for #monadicmonday topics
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Monadic Mondays

This repository contains code samples for #monadicmonday topics.

You can also find monthly compilations on Medium and on

How to run

To run the examples, you'll need to install all dependencies by issuing npm ci command. After that you can run code for each episode using npm run epN, where N ∈ [1, 13].

Extra bits

  1. npm run ep5:test – run tests for Tagless Final
  2. npm run ep8:stack-fail – run a naïve stack-unsafe Free monad evaluation
  3. npm run ep8:stack - run a stack-safe trampolined Free monad evaluation
  4. npm run ep9:dtslint – run a DTSLint for type-level tests

Published episodes

  1. Episode 1: These/Ior
  2. Episode 2: Rings
  3. Episode 3: Recursion schemes
  4. Episode 4: Either, Validation & RemoteData
  5. Episode 5: Tagless Final
  6. Episode 6: ZIO in TypeScript
  7. Episode 7: Functional optics
  8. Episode 8: Free monads
  9. Episode 9: Type-level programming
  10. Episode 10: Reasons to choose FP (no code)
  11. Episode 11: Kleisli arrows
  12. Episode 12: Futures
  13. Episode 13: Property-based testing
  14. Episode 14: Final words (no code)



If you have any questions, please ping me back at @ybogomolov in Telegram, @YuriyBogomolov in Twitter or via

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