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YDIN legal agreements

Framework to allow all parties to focus and spend time on work - not the paperwork.

Design principles:

1. Transparency

All legal docs fully transparent and public in YDIN Github (

Model and terms not carved on the stone, open collaborative process for developing future changes.

2. Simple and understandable

Use human language without legal jargon. A normal person should understand what the agreements means and doesn't mean, without consulting a lawyer.

3. Fair for all parties

YDIN's business in dependent on the success of all the parties and the legal framework should support that. In practice, provide enablers for fair win-win-win deals.

4. Legally "enough good"

The first versions will not be proofread by lawyers and will be updated on a need basis, both content and wordings.

However, the target is to be in "a good enough" level, and involve lawyers bit later when the wanted content starts to be already frozen.


All document signing electronic, paper copies only if absolutely needed:

  • Email approvals
  • Accept Terms of Services online
  • DocuSign
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