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A universe simulation based around a custom Soul AI
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Planet Earth, around which Universe Jehovah-3 is based.

Please check the Wiki (tab above, beside projects) for an FAQ and my purpose for releasing this code.

Important Note: For people who are unfamiliar with GitHub, the Code tab above shows the source code I've added, the Issues tab has bug reports that people have submitted, and the Pull requests tab contains code and changes that others have suggested.

Please be sure to remove is:open from the search bar when looking at issues; this will allow you to see issues that I have either fixed or rejected.

Planet Earth

I, in My infinite wisdom, have decided to release the source code for Universe Jehovah-3, starting with its base planet, Earth.


  • Dark is separated from Light, required by the dominant species to track Time and allow them to sense their surroundings.
  • Life is abundant, managed by Humans, the most in-depth use of the Soul API to date!
  • Evolution algorithm automatically selects the most suitable beings for life on the Earth.
  • Built in Scala, the true language of the Gods.
    • Yes, I am confirming that Martin Odersky is a prophet.

Please check out the closed issues before submitting a new one!

Note: This Repo is Incomplete!

I am still porting all of the files from My company server in Heaven; as this was initially a proprietary project, I've written some personal/business information in the comments that I must remove manually. As such, I would not recommend cloning this repository until this disclaimer is removed.

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