An easy way to generate automata models for real-time scheduling problems.
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Author:  Giuseppe Lipari and Youcheng Sun
Date: 3rd November 2015

References: "Toward Parametric Timed Interfaces for Real-Time Components" (2014) by Youcheng Sun, Giuseppe Lipari, Étienne André and Laurent Fribourg

RETIMI is a set of python scripts for tranlsting a REal-Time system
to a formal automaton model that can be analysed with IMItator.

To run the program you need to have a txt file that specifies the
system you want to analyse. An example can be found in file example.txt

An example is:

   python --norun example.txt

This will generate file example.imi and example.v0, and later you can 
run imitator with them. The program expects that the exec file of imitator
is found in the parent directory of where the program is launched.