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A super simple coming soon page built for Jekyll.

What's in it?

A single static page with a full screen image. Remember those under construction sites? The point is to have a contact page for a few hours or a few days while you are building your amazing site.

Start Soon

It's easy. Install Jekyll, clone this folder, cd soon then run bundle exec jekyll serve to check how it looks locally (localhost:4000). Self-host or use GitHub pages to publish the site.

You just need to change _config with your contact and site information and to get the page up and running. Although it is just a starting point and you can change pretty much anything else. If you change the background image, don't forget to link the new image in _layouts/default.html. The background image is located in images.

The sooner you start building your site the better. Since you wanted to install Jekyll anyway, Soon comes with all the usual starting folders to run a complete Jekyll site or blog. This means you can publish your Soon page and restyle, write and test your site in the background. Once you are happy with your layouts for posts, pages, collections and anything else in your site assets you can just overwrite everything and push your live site.

Get Soon.

Sites using Soon or that have used Soon at some point

Are you using Soon? Let me know!

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