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A fully functional cross platform React Native app built on top of You.i Engine.
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Auryn is a simple React-Native sample application running on You.i Engine one. It's primary purpose is to show a movie and TV experience using You.i's After Effects designer workflow integrated with a standard React using React-Navigation and React-Redux

  • Technology stack: Auryn requires the You.i Engine SDK and is built using TypeScript with React Native’s JSX syntax and cross-platform C++.
  • Platforms: Auryn can be built to run on iOS, Android, tvOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Tizen, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Development can be done on macOS, Windows, or Linux.


Please note that you will need access to the You.i Engine SDK in order to build and run this application.

Install You.i Engine SDK

There are a few dependencies that needs to be pre-installed before building the app, depending on your platform. Please follow the installation instructions at our Developer Portal before continuing.

3rd party API keys

Auryn uses free data from The Movie Database You will need to provide your own API key for the app to run. API keys can be requested here

Once you aquire the API key, add it to the secrets.js file.


To get started, simply clone the repository and install all dependencies:

git clone
cd Auryn
yarn install

Building The app is done via the generate and build scripts in the youi folder. generate will create the relevant project based on platform (Xcode, Android Studio, Visual Studio, etc.) in the corrosponding build folder.

Additional supported platforms are: osx, android, ios, tvos, tizen-nacl, uwp, ps4, linux

For example, to build for OSX:

./generate.rb -p osx [-c debug|release]
./build.rb -b build/osx [-c debug|release]

For additional information on the build scripts please refer to this page.

Finally, start Metro bundler and run the app:

yarn start
open youi/build/osx/Debug/Auryn


You.i Engine apps support remote debugging just like a regular React Native app. To turn on debugging press or touch any corner of the app 3 times in a row. The You.i Engine debug menu will open where you can turn on Remote JS debugging

Note: Debugging incurs a performance hit and is not recommended when testing on low end devices.


Auryn launches, but won't get past the Splash Screen

Auryn requires an API key from TMDB. Without it, no data will load and the Splash Screen will not navigate to the main Lander.

Auryn is running slow on most devices

You.i Engine apps provide a verbose amount of information in debug mode which is useful for development, but taxing on most devices. You will see significant performance improvements in Release mode. To build in Release pass the -c release flag to the build scripts, or choose the proper configuration in your IDE.


Auryn is provided as-is. For any questions, please reach out to your account manager.


Contributing is currently closed. Please refer to CONTRIBUTING for more information.


Auryn is available under the MIT license.

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