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YOURLS Unit Tests Build Status


v0.1 - work in progress

Things may not even look remotely like this when this gets somewhere.


If you think you know what you and I are doing:

  1. Copy your existent YOURLS version into a new YOURLS/ subdirectory or clone the YOURLS repository:
$ git clone
  1. Create an empty MySQL database and user. Do not use an exisiting database or you will lose data, guaranteed.
  2. Copy yourls-tests-config-sample.php to yourls-tests-config.php, edit it and include your database name, user and password.
  3. In that same directory, run the tests:
$ phpunit


When run locally (as opposed to when in the Travis-CI environment) the test script will start by dropping all tables in the selected database. Again, do not use an existing database.

Test cases live in the tests/ subdirectory. All files in that directory will be included by default.
PHPUnit will initialize and install a (more or less) complete running copy of YOURLS each time it is run. This makes it possible to run functional interface and module tests against a fully working database and codebase, as opposed to pure unit tests with mock objects and stubs. Pure unit tests may be used also, of course.

PHPUnit supports both phpunit.xml and phpunit.xml.dist, where phpunit.xml has higher priority: if you want to specify your own settings, copy phpunit.xml.dist to phpunit.xml and edit that file.