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Adding 1.8 and 1.7.9 that was forgotten
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ozh committed Feb 22, 2021
1 parent b76d4b1 commit a280e37
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_This file lists the main changes through all versions of YOURLS.
For a much more detailed list, simply refer to [commit messages](

- fixed: support for PHP 8
- removed : support for PHP prior to 7.2
- improved: IDN domain, and UTF8 URLs and titles (aka Number One Issue Since Day One)
- improved: timezone management
- improved: YOURLS UI and logo, now in SVG
- improved: several little things
- fixed: several little bugs

- improved: compatibility of YOURLS with proxies and reversed proxies
- improved: accept timestamped signature in API requests with [arbitrary hash](
- improved: YOURLS pages are now located in `user/` and [documented](
- improved: accessibility, with labels and aria tags in the main admin screen
- fixed: various little things here and also there

- improved: due to popular demand, "Random Keywords" is now a core plugin bundled with YOURLS
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