Unnecessary Encoding of percent sign #1973

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SirLouen commented Nov 2, 2015

If I'm already encoding the URL with % signs, I dont know why the system reecondes the % with %25

I need to "preencode" because google play only admits preencoded referrer tag

For example:

The first part of the URL
Has to be not encoded

But from that point:
Has to be preencoded

The output of yourls:

It double encodes the % simbols with %25 unnecessarily.


Ref: #1303

SirLouen commented Nov 2, 2015

I'm trying https://github.com/adigitalife/yourls-fix-long-url to solve this
Lets see if I resolve it

SirLouen commented Nov 2, 2015

Impossible. I've tried that plugin and it does not work neither. This functionality looks broken

EDIT: Following this little fix, works fine

But what i see is that if I edit for example the Title of the url in the admin platform, the system will try to recode again. So It only solves the new url system, but not the updates and editings 👎

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