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@ozh ozh released this 05 Mar 11:36
· 8 commits to master since this release

YOURLS 1.9.2 (announcement)

What's Changed

  • added: Support PHP 8.2 (#3474)
  • improved: Googlebot indexing now filterable for plugins, for your SEO needs (#3517)
  • improved: Use safe sandbox for all included files (#3478)
  • fixed: bookmarklets with URL containing special chars (#3527)
  • fixed: unwanted cookies could interfere with YOURLS (#3516)
  • fixed: cosmetic bugs in the admin interface (#3485, #3431, #3518)
  • fixed: support usernames containing brackets (#3365)
  • updated: third party libs and binaries


In no particular order: @barryhughes, @nexxai, @SXN31, @jarebear6expepjozn6rakjq5iczi3irqwphcvb, @4BRobby, @ozh, @LeoColomb, @dgw. Thanks a bunch!

How to install or update

Download the source code below and upload to your server.
We recommend to back up your DB before any update.

More detailed instructions available on

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