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There's the readme.html that comes with every install and is always available at
Don't overlook it, it's full of what you need to install, configure and troubleshoot your install.

Quick Start

  • Requirements β€” Minimal configuration to run YOURLS
  • Server configuration
    • .htaccess β€” What your .htaccess file should look like
    • Nginx β€” What your server conf file should look like
    • Web Config IIS β€” What your web.config file should look like
    • Other servers β€” See Cherokee support
  • Username Passwords β€” How to use encrypted passwords in your config file
  • Private Or Public β€” Public or Private? Setting YOURLS_PRIVATE explained
  • Plugins
    • Plugins β€” What plugins are, where to find them
    • Dont Hack Core β€” Why you MUST NOT alter core files, and why there's a plugin API
  • Pages β€” How to easily display simple custom content with YOURLS

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Support & troubleshooting


For developers

For everyone

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