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Do you want to submit a bug report? Neat! Good bug reports help make YOURLS better. Please read and follow these rules before you proceed.

Security issues

Security issues are a special case. If you find a security hole in YOURLS, disclosing it to the public with opening an issue is not the ideal.

Make 100% sure it is a security hole (same process as bug reports -- read below) but instead of opening an issue, send an email to Ozh, ozh at ozh dot org.

Rules for bug reports

  1. Make sure it is a bug.
    YOURLS has been installed by a few thousand people before you, so if you're about to report something very trivial that would have been noticed for long, maybe it's not a bug, but only a problem on your side (YOURLS config, server config, or a good old PEBKAC case...)

  2. Use the GitHub issue search.
    Check if the issue has already been reported. Reporting duplicates is a waste of time for everyone. Search in all issues, open and closed.

  3. Check if the issue has been fixed.
    Try to reproduce it using the latest master. Maybe it has been fixed since the last stable release.

  4. Give details.
    Give any information that is relevant to the bug:

    • YOURLS & MySQL & PHP versions
    • Server Software
    • Browser name & version

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead? See the report example below.

  5. Be accurate.
    Vague statements ( "it makes an error" ) are useless and will probably get your issue closed without particular kindness. A good bug report must not leave others needing to chase you up for more information.

  6. Isolate the problem.
    Isolate the problem as much as you can, reduce to the bare minimum required to reproduce the issue. Don't describe a general situation that doesn't work as expected and just count on us to pin point the problem.

  7. Use understandable English.
    This project gathers people from all over the world, and that is awesome. We know that not everyone writes and read English fluently, but that is the only way to have all these people collaborate. If you're not comfortable with writing English, please get help from a friend and avoid automatic translators. Aim for clear short sentences with punctuation, no abbreviations.

Not complying to these rules will get your issue closed with harsh comments :)

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