Endless Spinning Icon

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Cannot add or edit links? Read this.


You've installed YOURLS, everything went fine and looks functional. However, when you try to shorten a new link, the "Shorten" button get a little spinning icon forever and nothing actually happens.


The Ajax script loads a URL like: http://sho.rt/admin/index_ajax.php?mode=add&url=http://longurl.com/&keyword=123

If that URL returns anything but a well formed result, then the Ajax script dies.


Most of the time, the problem is a server configuration issue, like an overzealous mod_security configuration preventing all urls containing url=http:// from being successfully returned.

Manually check what kind of result the Ajax URL returns (either type the full URL in your browser, or use the excellent plugin Firebug for Firefox) and nag your server admin about it. You may also find very valuable information in the server error log.

For instance, Hostgator sucks with this issue (but seems to be fast at fixing it when asked)

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