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Plugin = QRCode ShortURL

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Add ".qr" to short URLs to display the shorturl's QR code.


  • In /user/plugins, create a new folder named qr-code
  • In this new directory, create a blank file named plugin.php
  • In this new file, cut and paste the following code
  • Go to the Plugins administration page and activate the plugin


Plugin Name: QR Code Short URLS
Plugin URI:
Description: Add .qr to shorturls to display QR Code
Version: 1.0
Author: Ozh
Author URI:

// Kick in if the loader does not recognize a valid pattern
yourls_add_action( 'loader_failed', 'ozh_yourls_qrcode' );

function ozh_yourls_qrcode( $request ) {
        // Get authorized charset in keywords and make a regexp pattern
        $pattern = yourls_make_regexp_pattern( yourls_get_shorturl_charset() );
        // Shorturl is like bleh.qr?
        if( preg_match( "@^([$pattern]+)\.qr?/?$@", $request[0], $matches ) ) {
                // this shorturl exists?
                $keyword = yourls_sanitize_keyword( $matches[1] );
                if( yourls_is_shorturl( $keyword ) ) {
                        // Show the QR code then!

Temporary fix

If you're having troubles with this plugin on YOURLS 1.6, read this

Further Improvements

There are several forks of this plugin with various changes. Check the Plugin List.

Instead of redirecting to the QR Code image generated by Google, you could implement locally a QR Code generating class (example:

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