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Redirect all the "Prefix n' Shorten" URLs (eg http://sho.rt/ to a public interface instead of the admin area.


  • In /user/plugins, create a new folder named public-pns
  • In this new directory, create a blank file named plugin.php
  • In this new file, cut and paste the following code
  • Go to the Plugins administration page and activate the plugin


Plugin Name: Public Prefix-N-Shorten
Plugin URI:
Description: Redirect "Prefix n' Shorten" bookmarklets to public interface
Version: 1.0
Author: Ozh
Author URI:
// URL of your public interface, with query parameter to which the long URL will be passed
// This URL must contain a query string with "parameter equals %" (eg "url=%")
define( 'OZH_PUBPNF_URL', 'http://shor.rt/public.php?url=%' );
yourls_add_action( 'load_template_redirect_admin', 'ozh_pubpnf' );
function ozh_pubpnf( $args ) {
        // Long URL requested?
        $url = $args[0];
        // If logged in and don't want to change behavior for logged in users, do nothing
        if( yourls_is_valid_user() === true )
        // Otherwise, interrupt
        $redirect = str_replace( '%', rawurlencode( $url ), OZH_PUBPNF_URL );
        yourls_redirect( $redirect, 302 );


You must have a public interface up and running, duh. For instance rename the provided sample public interface to public.php and edit its look and feel to suit your needs.

This public interface must accept a long URL as a query parameter (for instance 'url' as in the sample provided). Edit OZH_PUBPNF_URL to reflect the public interface location and the parameter name.

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