Road Map

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More or less planned features. No, there's no ETA.

When will next version be ready?

When it's done. No ETA. Don't ask :)

Current versions and earlier

Check the changelog.


  • Cron emulation (#1233)
  • Maybe convert to PDO (see #1544)
  • Various internal API enhancements
  • Write tons of unit tests


  • Major DB schema rework -- see Database Structure
  • New design & interface
  • Admin theme API (#1234)
  • Maintenance mode (#221)
  • Global reviewing (e.g. sync with new PHP's features)

Stuff that should be worked on

There are things that would greatly or nicely improve YOURLS. When is still undecided, but at any time if you feel like working on one of them, please get in touch :) See CONTRIBUTING.

  • A more sophisticated stat Dashboard
  • User management (multi user, user roles, no more plain text passwords in config file), see #1255
  • Multisite feature (one install to manage several domains)
  • Complete installer with no more config.php editing (#1254)
  • Archiving hit logs by day/month/year to save DB space (needs cron support I guess) (#372)
  • OAuth, possibly in a core plugin. See
  • Exporter / Importer (from, bitly, less, zipsme...)
  • Option management. No more config.php editing at all.
  • Proper time zone management. See Issue #1344 and maybe #1321.
  • File editor ? (for plugins & themes)