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YOURLS plugin: absolute anti-spam plugin. Checks URL against major black lists and removes all crap
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Plugin for YOURLS 1.5+: Antispam

What for

This is a merciless antispam plugin that uses the three major blacklists (Spamhaus, URIBL and SURBL).

URL are checked against the blacklist when short urls are created. They are also randomly checked when someone follows a short URL and if the link has been compromised recently, the short URL is deleted.

How to

  • In /user/plugins, create a new folder named antispam
  • Drop these files in that directory
  • Go to the Plugins administration page and activate the plugin
  • Have fun


Checking against blacklists may or may not work for you, this may depend on the type of spam you are getting and on other factors such as your server IP, your server ISP, the DNS you are using. It may even result in all domains being blacklisted from your server. Try and see.

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