YOURLS plugin: force lowercase so http://sho.rt/BLAH == http://sho.rt/blah
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Plugin for YOURLS 1.5+: Force Lowercase

What for

Force short urls to lowercase so that http://sho.rt/ABC is the same as http://sho.rt/abc

How to

  • In /user/plugins, create a new folder named force-lowercase
  • Drop these files in that directory
  • Go to the Plugins administration page and activate the plugin
  • Have fun

Disclaimer: this is stupid

Disclaimer: this is stupid. The web is case sensitive, is different from Deal with it.

More about this: see and particularly the part that says:

URLs in general are case-sensitive (with the exception of machine names). There may be URLs, or parts of URLs, where case doesn't matter, but identifying these may not be easy. Users should always consider that URLs are case-sensitive.

This said, lots of users are pestering me for that kind of plugin, so there it is. Have fun breaking the web! :)