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Open-source broadcast scheduling system, built by YSTV
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#Tarantula Scheduling Engine

Tarantula is a tool for live TV broadcast scheduling, designed to control and automate various broadcast equipment.

Tarantula is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for copying conditions.


Tarantula can be cloned using git and the following command:

git clone


Build Tarantula by issuing the make command inside the project directory. Tarantula requires gcc-4.7 or above.

###Using Tarantula

The default configuration enables several demo plugins and provides a simple user interface to add schedule events to the system. Copy the configuration files from config_base/ to config/ and edit as needed to enable other plugins.

Run bin/Tarantula after the build has completed to start the system. Then visit http://localhost:9816/ in a browser to access the web user interface. Events added in the web interface will be executed and the results will appear in the log (demo plugins do nothing but write to the log).

###Extending Tarantula

Tarantula is free software, anybody is welcome to extend it, for example by writing plugins to complement the default set. To keep track of development and contribute, email

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