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Minecraft topdown map renderer for anvil save files
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MapRend is a tool to render top down maps of Minecraft worlds saved in the MCAnvil format. It can use all ressource packs, render day and night maps, shows biomes, height, height under oceans and is easy to update and customize!

Example, rendered by MapRend

To render a world some files are required:

  • colors.json

    Contains which color a block has, if it is visible and if it is modified by the biome green. With the argument textures MapRend generates this file based on a ressource pack and textures.json.

  • biomes.json

    Contains the modifiers for leaves, grass, etc. per biome.


MapRend can create a set of used colors from a ressource pack. This is done by using the argument textures. It needs the file textures.json, which contains the texture name for all blocks, if they are visible and if the biome green affects them.


MapRend is written in Java. The repository contains an Ant build file (build.xml), to compile it use:


Installation and Usage - Windows

See issue #1 for an explanation.

Installation and Usage - Mac OSX

Clone the repository using git and cd into it using Terminal (don't copy the $, it's just there to show you the default prompt):

$ git clone
$ cd MapRend

Install ant (using Homebrew it's just brew install ant) and run it:

$ brew install ant
$ ant

Locate your resource pack and extract it. Here's a magic command to do it (make sure to run it from within your MapRend folder). Replace the two 1.8.1 folders with whatever your version of Minecraft is.

$ jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/versions/1.8.1/1.8.1.jar assets/minecraft/textures/blocks && mv assets/minecraft/textures/blocks raw && rm -rf assets

Generate your colors.json:

$ java -jar MapRend.jar textures . .

Make a folder to put all your images in:

$ mkdir images

Now, run the command to generate your map. Change MyWorld to whatever your world name is.

$ java -jar MapRend.jar map ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/saves/MyWorld . images
$ open images

Finder will pop up and you should see your map!

Contributed by Jamon Holmgren


Frontends for easier use are found in frontends. Currently there are:


MapRend uses Code by MojangAB for reading NBT files. MapRend uses Code by Douglas Crockford for reading and writing JSON files.

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