Triangle counting in large graphs using SIMT parallel set intersection on GPU
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Triangle Counting using SIMT parallel set intersection on GPU

Algorithm features:

  • Redirect edges based on degree order to reduce the computation complexity
  • Use CSR(Compressed Sparse Row) format to reduce the memory usage on GPU
  • Use SIMT to parallel the sorted lists intersections on GPU

Problem Definition

The problem is from the competition 2018 CCF BDCI in China, and we are very lucky to win the first prize.



Dataset Vertices Edges Triangles
twitter_rv.bin 61578415 1468365182 34824916864
s26.kron.edgelist 67108861 1073741824 49167172995
s27.kron.edgelist 134217725 2147483648 106869298996

Download datasets

How it works

Google Drive: 【BDCI 2018】欧拉的核弹PPT

Baidu Netdisk: 【BDCI 2018】欧拉的核弹PPT

How to Use

Build the project with:

cd src
make all

If you wanna use gpu version, run

./tricount -f {{your dataset path}}

or if you wanna try the old cpu version

./tricount_cpu -f {{your dataset path}}


Apache License 2.0