A Unity library for common movement AI
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Unity Movement AI

Unity Movement AI is a library of common movement AI scripts known as Steering Behaviors. You can use these scripts to help your NPCs move around your game.

Currently the library only moves game objects in the x/y direction.

How to Use

If you want to add this library to your game then import the unity-movement-ai.package. This package includes all of the movement scripts along with some premade game objects that use the scripts.

Feel free to only use what you need from the package.

#Examples If you would like to play around with the library then download this whole repository and open it in Unity. The Examples folder holds a number of premade scenes for you to play around with.

#Additional Info The library comes with the following steering behaviors: Arrive, Cohesion, Collision Avoidance, Evade, Flee, Follow Path, Hide, Interpose, Offset Pursuit, Pursue, Seek, Separation, Velocity Match, Wall Avoidance, and Wander.

Most steering behaviors have their own file, but Arrive, Interpose, and Seek are all located within the SteeringBasics.cs file.

#Previews Here are some previews of the different movement AI that come with this library.




Wall Avoidance