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a 2020 Arctic Vault program project

Many thanks for all of your support, this was a sideproject for my noob blog when I was a maths student at UPMC (Sorbonne Université Campus Pierre et Marie Curie), I cannot even bear to look at it now. If you find it in 3020 at the North Pole, which I hope not, please take the limitations of the times into account.

July 19, 2020



This project is no longer maintained.🍺

163music-APlayer-you-get BETA5 init

I just rewrote everything.

  • This project now moved to Python-3.5.1. You may pull a docker image from yuxio/flask-python351 to play with.
  • Now the back-end search requests is asynchronous. Thanks to requests-futures. It's like at least 5 times faster than normal python-requests
  • And there is the second version of API for getting music info.
  • I tried to use DPlayer - a lovely HTML5 danmaku video player🍭, there is a demo, but it seems the MV from 163Music has a Referer test or something to block it. It's too bad.⌇●﹏●⌇ It might be fixed by a fake-referer from a JavaScript of Dplayer or I don't know. It's very cool when I tested it locally. I tried to add a proxy from my server back-end, it works but it takes too much bandwidth. DaoCloud would kill me for that.
  • The music player is always APlayer by DIYgod.
  • Add Radio.
  • All the APIs of 163Music are from you-get. Use it if you want to download songs of videos.
  • Tout est mieux ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

The web interface The front-end is folked from No JS: Tabs that scale down to menu and Search Box. I want somebody to teach me how to do those magic sometime



URL: http(s):// Donot use HTTPS if it's not necessary. But if you do, don't forget set qssl to 1. Method: GET The arguments are:

  • album=album_id
  • playlist=playlist_id
  • song=song_id
  • program=program_id
  • radio=radio_id
  • mv=mv_id
  • qssl=[0|1] default:0
  • qlrc=[0|1] default:0
  • qnarrow=[0|1] default:0
  • max_width=[100%|32rem|400px|something else] default:100%
  • max_height=[300px|something else] default:100%
  • autoplay=[0|1] default:1
  • mode=[random|single|circulation|order] default:circulation

You must choose ONE of those six ids. And it means nothing if you choose more than one of them. You may use The web interface to find the id or use 163Music.


URL: Method: POST The arguments are:

  • s=[album_id|playlist_id|song_id|program_id|radio_id|mv_id]
  • genre=[album|playlist|song|program|radio|mv]
  • qlrc=[0|1] for song only



A Flask Music Project. Demo:



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