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Releases: YaLTeR/BunnymodXT

Aug 31 2022

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General Improvements


  • Added Discord rich game presence by @SmileyAG in #319
  • Added bxt_render_far_entities, which is like bxt_novis, but shouldn't affect entity behavior by @SmileyAG in #278
  • Added door usable flag to the entity info HUD by @SmileyAG in #277
  • Changed bxt_ch_get_pos to show the camera origin when bxt_hud_origin is 2 by @SmileyAG in #284
  • Added bxt_viewmodel_bob_angled by @SmileyAG in #282
  • Made some hooks less dependent on client & server DLLs to increase mod compatibility by @SmileyAG in #286
  • Changed the way bxt_hud_game_color works to support more mods by @SmileyAG in #287
  • Added bxt_disable_nightvision_sprite support for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes by @SmileyAG in #288
  • Added bxt_hud_waterlevel by @SmileyAG in #291
  • Added uncapped player health to demo runtime data by @SmileyAG in #293
  • Added bxt_hud_health_override_in_demo which overrides the health displayed by bxt_hud_health during demo playback by @SmileyAG in #293
  • Removed bxt_show_player_in_hltv in favor of automatically doing the right thing by @SmileyAG in #295
  • Added custom HUD color support to the game ammo history HUD by @SmileyAG in #296
  • Added bxt_hud_game_alpha_max_clientside by @SmileyAG in #299
  • Added more patterns by @SmileyAG in #303
  • Added cl_righthand by @SmileyAG in #306
  • Fixed sounds missing while demo playback on old WON builds by @SmileyAG in #311
  • Added bxt_force_clear for removing out-of-bounds rendering artifacts by @SmileyAG in #314
  • Added bxt_force_jumpless for disabling jumping by @SmileyAG in #316, #317
  • Added bxt_fire_on_mm_* for running a console command when a multimanager is fired by @SmileyAG in #320
  • Added bxt_show_bullets and bxt_show_bullets_enemies to draw firing lines for hitscan weapons by @Eddio0141 in #321
  • Added bxt_disable_gamedir_check_in_demo for watching demos recorded in other game directories by @SmileyAG in #323
  • Added bxt_remove_fps_limit to lift the WON 100 FPS limit by @SmileyAG in #327

TAS Support Improvements

  • Added the necessary hooks for the bxt-rs 3.0 TAS optimizer
  • Added CS 1.6 TASing support, remember to set bxt_anglespeed_cap 0;bxt_speed_scaling 0 by @khanghugo in #322
  • When using two games, the TAS editor will now show func_pushable paths. The path of each pushable will change color on object-boosting frames and when the pushable is in water (useful because then you don't need to stand on ground to object-boost)
  • Added Linux func_pushable TAS log support
  • Client player maxspeed is now honored for the TAS support in those mods where it is used by @SmileyAG in #325
  • Fixed _bxt_tas_editor_apply_smoothing_high_weight_duration and _bxt_tas_editor_apply_smoothing_high_weight_multiplier, which were added in the last release, to be actually available in the in-game console

New Contributors

Full Changelog: mar-24-2022...aug-31-2022

Mar 24 2022

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General improvements:

  • Added bxt_show_only_viewmodel support for 3248/4554 builds (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Moved less-useful info from bxt_hud_entity_info 1 to 2 (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Disabled skybox by default when using bxt_wallhack (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_disable_nightvision_sprite 1 to disable the night vision sprite in Opposing Force without replacing the file (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Crash prevention now keeps the timer running, but colors it red until bxt_timer_reset, so races and marathons can continue past the crash (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Fixed hook of V_CalcRefdef for Opposing Force on Linux, which fixes bxt_freecam and related functionality (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • bxt_hud_entity_info now shows if func_door entities can be opened by monsters (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_hud_game_color and bxt_hud_game_alpha to change color and alpha of in-game HUDs (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Brush entity origins shown in bxt_hud_entity_info 2 now make more sense (they are now based at the mins/maxs center instead of 0, 0, 0) (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added patterns for Aliens vs Predator 2 and OpenAG (thanks @SmileyAG).

TAS support improvements:

  • Added bxt_tas_editor_toggle s00, s01, s10, s11, useful for wiggle-style TASes.
  • Fixed bxt_tas_optim_init on 1-frame-long frame bulks.
  • Significantly improved player path collision display:
    • The collision now colors the frame during which the collision has occurred, rather than the next frame. This way if the collision is right in the middle between two frame bulks, it remains visible.
    • Frames after the collision are now colored pink, making it possible to tell which frames exactly caused the collision.
    • If there's a wall collision on the same frame as a ceiling collision, it should now be shown instead of silently ignored.
    • Sloped ground collisions are now shown instead of silently ignored.
  • Added _bxt_tas_editor_apply_smoothing_high_weight_duration and _bxt_tas_editor_apply_smoothing_high_weight_multiplier to control weighting center frames higher in global smoothing. They allow smoothing more without introducing wobbliness. The default values work well for HLKZ movement settings.
  • Fixed two-games support when running under wine.

Feb 5 2022

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General improvements:

  • Fixed overly loud sound bug introduced in the last update. They were an unintended consequence of the TAS sound RNG fix. This fix is now enabled only when running TAS scripts (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_fix_mouse_horizontal_limit for fixing limited mouse movement in certain mods when ran on the Steam engine. BXT automatically applies the fix for several known mods, but if the mod isn't known you can now use this variable to apply it manually (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_force_fov (thanks @SmileyAG and @chinese-soup).
  • Renamed bxt_ch_set_angles to bxt_set_angles (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Fixed pattern for R_DrawParticles (thanks @hobokenn).

TAS support improvements:

  • Added left-right and right-left strafe types (s06 and s07) that "wiggle" left and right like in this dyd_axn_plant TAS.
  • Added bxt_tas_editor_toggle s06 and s07 and bxt_tas_editor_set_left_right_count, as well as showing the count on the TAS editor status HUD.
  • Improved TAS editor handling of frame bulks without a yaw angle (like the left-right frame bulks).
  • Added bxt_tas_optim_init, a helper command for starting the experimental bxt-rs optimization.

Dec 31 2021

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General improvements:

  • Added hornet crash prevention (thanks @chinese-soup). Instead of crashing, BXT will stop the timer and print a chat message saying the game would have crashed. This way there's no unfair advantage compared to running the vanilla game.
  • Added OpenGL crosshair from OpenAG (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_autojump_priority to control ducktap or autojump preference (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_force_duck (thanks @chinese-soup and @hobokenn).
  • Fixed raw mouse input in 2013 SDK mods that don't fix it themselves on Linux (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Fixed game freezing on new Ubuntu (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Fixed compatibility with GLIBC 2.34+.
  • Added bxt_show_hidden_entities_clientside (thanks @chinese-soup and @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_skybox_remove (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_disable_hud (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_disable_vgui (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_force_zmax (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Fixed a demo crash in CS:CZDS (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_viewmodel_fov (thanks @chinese-soup and @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_water_remove, recommended to use together with r_novis 1 (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added Gonarch HUD and some additions to bxt_hud_entity_info (thanks @Eddio0141).
  • Fixed MP3 music stopping on loading screens for HL mods (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_viewmodel_disable_ cvars to disable viewmodel sequences (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_hud_quickgauss (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Added bxt_viewmodel_ofs_ cvars to change viewmodel offsets (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Fixed a bxt_autorecord crash in CS:CZDS on Linux (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_hud_origin 2 for draw position of camera in bxt_freecam 1 mode (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added a lot of patterns for Half-Rats: Parasomnia, HL: Sweet, Reissues (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_hud_armor for draw a player armor in float value (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_show_player_in_hltv for render player model when watching a POV demo (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Fixed a bxt_autorecord crash in Blue Shift on Linux (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_ch_get_getpos for get positions & angles as like in HL2 (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Added bxt_show_only_viewmodel, bxt_clear_green for capturing viewmodel (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_viewmodel_semitransparent (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added _bxt_set_frametime_remainder.
  • Made it possible to run multiple game instances at once (requires running through Injector.exe).

TAS support improvements:

  • Added fully-accurate TAS editor path using a second game instance. Bunnymod XT transparently runs the TAS over and over in the second game instance in the background as you're editing the path, and shows you the real path that the player takes when running the TAS. This not only removes prediction desyncs (you can open the TAS editor at the very beginning of the TAS and see an accurate path all the way until the very end of the map), but also lets you see and TAS through entity interactions (think health booster boosts, moving doors and teleport triggers). To use it, run the TAS and open the TAS editor in one instance, and run bxt_tas_become_simulator_client in the second instance.
  • Added a load_command property to .hltas that sets the command to run to load the map or the save (e.g. load_command map c1a0). Setting it allows running the TAS with just bxt_tas_loadscript script.hltas and is a requirement for two-game support. bxt_tas_new was changed to use load_command too.
  • Fixed TAS editor when the edited area contains non-movement frame bulks.
  • Added camera angle display to the TAS editor. It shows the angles when they suddenly change and at regular intervals when they don't.
  • Added a camera editor for the TAS editor, enabled with bxt_tas_editor_camera_editor. It shows camera angles for every frame and allows inserting and changing camera frame bulks and applying global smoothing.
  • Added +bxt_tas_editor_insert_point which behaves the same as the regular non-+ bxt_tas_editor_insert_point, but in the camera editor allows inserting camera change frame bulks by dragging with +bxt_tas_editor_insert_point held down.
  • Added bxt_tas_editor_apply_smoothing which applies global smoothing in the TAS camera editor, inspired by batman's CSS surf TAS tool. Global smoothing can be applied to a blue segment (where the camera angles change) surrounded by green segments (where the camera angles are stationary).
  • Added target_yaw_override frame bulk which overrides target yaws for subsequent frames, used by global smoothing.
  • Fixed RNG desyncs when playing back TASes with sound enabled (thanks @hobokenn for porting the fix from bxt-rs).
  • Fixed enabling the TAS editor on a one-frame-long frame bulk.
  • Added saving to a something.hltas.backup file whenever a destructive action is done in the TAS editor (e.g. disabling the TAS editor).
  • When closing the main menu with the TAS editor enabled, the game will no longer unpause (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Moved the TAS editor status HUD default position to top-left of the screen so it's no longer off-screen on common resolutions.
  • Removed append mode. It was long deprecated and unsupported and made developing new features harder.

Thanks to @SmileyAG for preparing the changelog.

Happy new year!

Aug 7 2021

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General improvements:

  • Fixed bxt_timer_autostop on Linux for games that stop based on a multi_manager (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Added bxt_show_displacer_earth_targets for displaying Opposing Force displacer's earth target entities (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Made the bxt_timer_autostop cvar always available rather than gated on the presence of Half-Life-specific game end functions (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added autostop for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added autostop for Wanted!, Crowbar of Time, HZC2 and The Xeno Project (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_ch_set_angles (thanks @chinese-soup).
  • Added bxt_disable_changelevel (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Added bxt_triggers_color (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • Fixed a crash when changing the value of bxt_bhopcap (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Fixed a crash upon loading a map that was common to mods (thanks @hobokenn).
  • bxt_disable_autosave should now work with most mods (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added _bxt_interprocess_stop to manually stop LiveSplit integration, useful for timing strats or running IL's, use it in conjunction with _bxt_interprocess_reset (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added sv.max_edicts value saving to demos (thanks @hobokenn).

TAS support improvements:

  • Added mouse4 dragging in the TAS editor which changes the angle of all connected segments at once (thanks @Eddio0141).
  • Added hlstrafe_version 4 which fixes camera yaw switching between two adjacent values when using exact angle constraints.

Jan 11 2021

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General improvements:

  • Added bxt_autojump support for Paranoia (thanks @mxpph).
  • Added bxt_bhopcap support for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes (thanks @Godlikehobbit) and for Nuclear Winter and Ground Zero (thanks @mxpph).
  • Added bxt_show_pickup_bbox which shows item and weapon pickup bounding boxes (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Added sequence and frame to the Nihilanth HUD element (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Added autostop for Opposing Force boot camp (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added bxt_disable_autosave (thanks @mxpph).
  • Updated several patterns to work for the 3248 engine (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added SV_AddLinksToPM_ patterns for 4554 and NGHL (thanks @hobokenn).
  • Added a lot of patterns for TWHL Tower 2 (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Fixed incorrect entity info HUD element position (thanks @SmileyAG).
  • The bxt_bhopcap cvar is now registered when the engine is loaded (as opposed to when the server is loaded) which means it can be set from the main menu and bxt_tas_new will pick it up.
  • Loaded modules are no longer stored to demos.
  • All cvar values are now stored to demos rather than select few (testing showed no performance issues).

TAS support improvements:

  • Comments are no longer duplicated on bxt_tas_editor_insert_point (this was especially annoying with bxt_tas_new).
  • Increased bxt_tas_new initial segment length to 1 second.
  • bxt_tas_new now automatically stores custom bxt_bhopcap and sv_maxspeed values and a BXT timer reset into the script.
  • TAS editor commands added by bxt_tas_new now include stop;bxt_timer_stop.
  • Added bxt_tas_editor_set_commands to set commands on a segment.
  • Segment commands are now shown on the TAS editor status HUD element.

Aug 1 2020

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Fixed a few crashes with different HUDs being enabled while playing back demos (usable entities, etc.).

TASing-related changes:

  • Added hlstrafe_version 3 which fixes a serious bug with vectorial strafing. Use this new version instead of 2. Version 2 does not actually strafe under certain conditions.
  • Fixed crashes on Windows Half-Life builds related to vectorial strafing.
  • Added fast and slow adjustment in the TAS editor while holding +alt1 and +duck respectively (for mouse dragging).
  • Added +bxt_tas_editor_look_around to look around in the editor. It is +bxt_tas_editor_append without append.
  • TAS editor no longer saves the TAS on bxt_tas_loadscript. It's now possible to edit the .hltas file externally, save it and run the TAS right away without having to disable the TAS editor first.
  • Removed slowdown when the game is unfocused (currently Linux-only).
  • bxt_tas_new now prints the correct FPS value in its message.

Jun 21 2020

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  • Added timer autostop for the following mods (thanks @mxpph and @TheSmiley47):

    • Big Lolly
    • HTC
    • Construction
    • The Gloom
    • Echoes
    • Minimicus
    • Before
    • Plague
    • Timeline 2
    • Uplink
    • Visitors
  • Moved the TAS editor append mode to +bxt_tas_editor_append. Now bxt_tas_editor can be set only to 0 or 1. Additionally, the right click action of append mode was moved to the left click, with the left click action removed.

    Bind +bxt_tas_editor_append to a key near WASD and use it as the "hold to fly around while in the editor" key.

  • Added middle mouse (wheel) drag action to the TAS editor which is similar to the left button drag action, but also adjusts the length of the following frame bulk to make the total length stay the same.

  • Made target_yaw fast when zero tolerance is used (+-0) and made tolerance optional (zero is assumed).

    This is what you should use pretty much everywhere; where you would write e.g. target_yaw 270 +-0.1 you should now write just target_yaw 270, etc.

  • Added target_yaw velocity_lock which follows the velocity angle and locks to the target strafing angle. It is a better version of target_yaw velocity_avg which does not shake the camera at all, not even a tiny amount.

    Once again, this is what you want to use by default starting from this release as it's better than the other options.

  • Made target_yaw velocity_lock the default in bxt_tas_new.

  • Added duck before collision including ceilings display to the TAS editor status HUD element.

  • Added bxt_tas_editor_toggle dbcceilings.

  • Added bxt_tas_export_libtas_input (experimental, worked for a number of TASes and didn't work properly on a single TAS).

  • Fixed TAS editor mouse support on Fedora 32.

Mar 21 2020

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  • Added +bxt_triggers_place, a visual drag-and-drop way to create custom triggers. Thanks @Marckvdv!
  • Added pitch and yaw to bxt_hud_tas_editor_status. Thanks @Eddio0141!
  • Added bxt_print_entities and bxt_hud_entities. Useful for checking the entity order for the 4 FPS trick.
  • Changed bxt_hud_entity_hp to bxt_hud_entity_info and made it additionally display the entity index, classname and targetname.
  • Fixed some HUDs not working with freecam correctly.
  • Made _bxt_norefresh 1 considerably faster.
  • This release's Linux .so should work on older distributions such as Ubuntu 16.04.

Note: due to a mistake, the mar-21-2020 tag points 1 commit earlier than this release. I made a mar-21-2020-real tag which points at the correct commit. I didn't bother rebuilding the binaries so the version string says mar-21-2020-1 and not mar-21-2020-real-0.

Jan 30 2020

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Non-TASing-related changes:

  • Fixed the distortion in the collision depth map. Thanks @Marckvdv!
  • Added the bxt_collision_depth_map_pixel_scale console variable, which allows rendering the collision depth map at a lower resolution than the game's resolution. It's set to a good value by default, so you can safely view the collision depth map at your regular resolution. Thanks @Marckvdv!
  • Added the bxt_collision_depth_map_remove_distance_limit console variable to remove the tracing distance limit, so far away entities are still shown on the collision depth map. Enabled by default.

This release features a number of improvements to the TAS editor and TAS support in general.

  • Improved the TAS editor FPS by making the TAS editor simulation incremental: it simulates a little bit every frame so as to not kill the FPS too much. Can be controlled with the new bxt_tas_editor_simulate_for_ms console variable.
  • Improved the performance of left-dragging points in edit mode by making it not re-simulate unnecessary parts of the input.
  • Added a new .hltas line to smoothly change the player's angle over a period of time:
    change yaw to 90 over 1 s
    change pitch to 0 over 0.5 s
    change target_yaw to 23.5 over 2.3 s
  • Added bxt_hud_tas_editor_status which shows the properties of the currently selected point in edit mode. Thanks @Eddio0141!
  • Added bxt_tas_editor_set_yaw/pitch/repeats and bxt_tas_editor_unset_yaw/pitch.
  • Added bxt_tas_playback_speed which controls the TAS playback speed. It's set to 1 by default, which means that the TASes will play back in real-time (or slower). Set to 0.5 for example to make the TASes play back 2 times slower. Set to 0 to play back as fast as possible.
  • Added bxt_tas_write_log which automatically writes the bxt_taslog of the TAS.
  • Changed bxt_taslog to accept an argument (0 or 1) rather than being a toggle.
  • Freecam is now enabled automatically when enabling the TAS editor.
  • host_framerate and _bxt_min_frametime are now automatically reset when TAS playback ends.
  • Improved the prediction accuracy, which reduces the TAS editor desyncs.
  • Removed bxt_tas_editor_append_frames in favor of automatic selection.
  • Fixed freecam speed on unstable FPS.
  • Fixed deleting the last frame bulk in edit mode.
  • Fixed bxt_tas_editor_toggle s22 toggling s23.