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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Aug 1, 2020 · 23 commits to master since this release

Fixed a few crashes with different HUDs being enabled while playing back demos (usable entities, etc.).

TASing-related changes:

  • Added hlstrafe_version 3 which fixes a serious bug with vectorial strafing. Use this new version instead of 2. Version 2 does not actually strafe under certain conditions.
  • Fixed crashes on Windows Half-Life builds related to vectorial strafing.
  • Added fast and slow adjustment in the TAS editor while holding +alt1 and +duck respectively (for mouse dragging).
  • Added +bxt_tas_editor_look_around to look around in the editor. It is +bxt_tas_editor_append without append.
  • TAS editor no longer saves the TAS on bxt_tas_loadscript. It's now possible to edit the .hltas file externally, save it and run the TAS right away without having to disable the TAS editor first.
  • Removed slowdown when the game is unfocused (currently Linux-only).
  • bxt_tas_new now prints the correct FPS value in its message.
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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Jun 21, 2020 · 38 commits to master since this release

  • Added timer autostop for the following mods (thanks @mxpph and @TheSmiley47):

    • Big Lolly
    • HTC
    • Construction
    • The Gloom
    • Echoes
    • Minimicus
    • Before
    • Plague
    • Timeline 2
    • Uplink
    • Visitors
  • Moved the TAS editor append mode to +bxt_tas_editor_append. Now bxt_tas_editor can be set only to 0 or 1. Additionally, the right click action of append mode was moved to the left click, with the left click action removed.

    Bind +bxt_tas_editor_append to a key near WASD and use it as the "hold to fly around while in the editor" key.

  • Added middle mouse (wheel) drag action to the TAS editor which is similar to the left button drag action, but also adjusts the length of the following frame bulk to make the total length stay the same.

  • Made target_yaw fast when zero tolerance is used (+-0) and made tolerance optional (zero is assumed).

    This is what you should use pretty much everywhere; where you would write e.g. target_yaw 270 +-0.1 you should now write just target_yaw 270, etc.

  • Added target_yaw velocity_lock which follows the velocity angle and locks to the target strafing angle. It is a better version of target_yaw velocity_avg which does not shake the camera at all, not even a tiny amount.

    Once again, this is what you want to use by default starting from this release as it's better than the other options.

  • Made target_yaw velocity_lock the default in bxt_tas_new.

  • Added duck before collision including ceilings display to the TAS editor status HUD element.

  • Added bxt_tas_editor_toggle dbcceilings.

  • Added bxt_tas_export_libtas_input (experimental, worked for a number of TASes and didn't work properly on a single TAS).

  • Fixed TAS editor mouse support on Fedora 32.

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Mar 21, 2020
Mar 21 2020 Release

@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Mar 21, 2020 · 63 commits to master since this release

  • Added +bxt_triggers_place, a visual drag-and-drop way to create custom triggers. Thanks @Marckvdv!
  • Added pitch and yaw to bxt_hud_tas_editor_status. Thanks @Eddio0141!
  • Added bxt_print_entities and bxt_hud_entities. Useful for checking the entity order for the 4 FPS trick.
  • Changed bxt_hud_entity_hp to bxt_hud_entity_info and made it additionally display the entity index, classname and targetname.
  • Fixed some HUDs not working with freecam correctly.
  • Made _bxt_norefresh 1 considerably faster.
  • This release's Linux .so should work on older distributions such as Ubuntu 16.04.

Note: due to a mistake, the mar-21-2020 tag points 1 commit earlier than this release. I made a mar-21-2020-real tag which points at the correct commit. I didn't bother rebuilding the binaries so the version string says mar-21-2020-1 and not mar-21-2020-real-0.

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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Jan 30, 2020 · 75 commits to master since this release

Non-TASing-related changes:

  • Fixed the distortion in the collision depth map. Thanks @Marckvdv!
  • Added the bxt_collision_depth_map_pixel_scale console variable, which allows rendering the collision depth map at a lower resolution than the game's resolution. It's set to a good value by default, so you can safely view the collision depth map at your regular resolution. Thanks @Marckvdv!
  • Added the bxt_collision_depth_map_remove_distance_limit console variable to remove the tracing distance limit, so far away entities are still shown on the collision depth map. Enabled by default.

This release features a number of improvements to the TAS editor and TAS support in general.

  • Improved the TAS editor FPS by making the TAS editor simulation incremental: it simulates a little bit every frame so as to not kill the FPS too much. Can be controlled with the new bxt_tas_editor_simulate_for_ms console variable.
  • Improved the performance of left-dragging points in edit mode by making it not re-simulate unnecessary parts of the input.
  • Added a new .hltas line to smoothly change the player's angle over a period of time:
    change yaw to 90 over 1 s
    change pitch to 0 over 0.5 s
    change target_yaw to 23.5 over 2.3 s
  • Added bxt_hud_tas_editor_status which shows the properties of the currently selected point in edit mode. Thanks @Eddio0141!
  • Added bxt_tas_editor_set_yaw/pitch/repeats and bxt_tas_editor_unset_yaw/pitch.
  • Added bxt_tas_playback_speed which controls the TAS playback speed. It's set to 1 by default, which means that the TASes will play back in real-time (or slower). Set to 0.5 for example to make the TASes play back 2 times slower. Set to 0 to play back as fast as possible.
  • Added bxt_tas_write_log which automatically writes the bxt_taslog of the TAS.
  • Changed bxt_taslog to accept an argument (0 or 1) rather than being a toggle.
  • Freecam is now enabled automatically when enabling the TAS editor.
  • host_framerate and _bxt_min_frametime are now automatically reset when TAS playback ends.
  • Improved the prediction accuracy, which reduces the TAS editor desyncs.
  • Removed bxt_tas_editor_append_frames in favor of automatic selection.
  • Fixed freecam speed on unstable FPS.
  • Fixed deleting the last frame bulk in edit mode.
  • Fixed bxt_tas_editor_toggle s22 toggling s23.
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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Jan 4, 2020 · 124 commits to master since this release

A new big release featuring the in-game TAS editor! Watch the TAS editor introduction here:

  • Added support for latest Steam (build 8308).
  • Dropped Windows XP support.
  • Temporarily removed support for Linux Blue Shift autostop (#63).
  • Added bxt_tas_split <filename>, which creates a save and splits the TAS at the point of the command for making a soft-segment: you can join the two resulting scripts into one later.
  • Added bxt_freecam <0|1> for a free-cam mode, which is like noclip, but only the camera is moved and not the player. Most useful while the game is paused.
  • Added a bxt_tas_norefresh_until_last_frames cvar which automates toggling _bxt_norefresh during TAS execution, instead of manually setting _bxt_norefresh 1 and 0 in the TAS script.
  • Added bxt_tas_new for creating new TAS scripts.
  • Added vectorial strafing support for TASes.
  • Added a hlstrafe_version hltas property.

TAS editor stuff, showcased in the video linked above:

  • bxt_tas_editor
  • bxt_tas_editor_toggle
  • bxt_tas_editor_insert_point
  • bxt_tas_editor_delete_point
  • bxt_tas_editor_delete_last_point
  • bxt_tas_editor_save
  • bxt_tas_editor_set_run_point_and_save
  • bxt_tas_editor_append_frames
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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Mar 27, 2019 · 239 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed bxt_wallhack in Opposing Force build 1600 (thanks @quantumdude836).
  • Fixed compatibility with the March Steam Half-Life updates (thanks @Matherunner).
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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Sep 23, 2018 · 241 commits to master since this release

  • Added +bxt_tas_jumpbug for automatic jumpbugs (thanks @arianon).
  • Added bxt_hud_nihilanth for displaying various information about Nihilanth's state (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Added bxt_hud_health for displaying the true (not trimmed to 255) health value (thanks @philippTheCat).
  • Added bxt_wallhack, bxt_wallhack_additive, bxt_wallhack_alpha, bxt_novis (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Added bxt_collision_depth_map, bxt_collision_depth_map_hull, bxt_collision_depth_map_max_depth, bxt_collision_depth_map_colors for an extremely slow and somewhat skewed way of viewing the collision data.
  • Added some Decay support (mainly bxt_autostop) (thanks @Shigbeard).
  • Added bxt_tas_exportscript: converts a .hltas to an "exported" version without any autofuncs (strafing, autojump, etc. are replaced with raw button presses).
  • Made bxt_fade_remove work on 4554 (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Made bxt_bhopcap work on HL: Echoes (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Changed bxt_show_triggers to draw triggers on the client side, this way they don't get saved in demos. The old implementation is now accessible via bxt_show_triggers_legacy (thanks @Matherunner).
  • Fixed a couple of Linux crashes.
  • Fixed compiling with GCC.
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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Aug 10, 2017 · 273 commits to master since this release

Fixed compatibility with NGHL.

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@YaLTeR YaLTeR released this Aug 1, 2017 · 274 commits to master since this release

  • Added timer autostop to They Hunger episodes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Fixed HL1 game end marker not being written into demos on Linux.
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