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Application Issues

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There seems to be a bug in VSCode's Wayland backend until 1.86.0 which causes the window to not show up when using server-side decorations. So, to run VSCode:

  1. Make sure VSCode is 1.86.0 or above, or that prefer-no-csd is not set in the niri config
  2. Run code --ozone-platform-hint=auto --enable-features=WaylandWindowDecorations

Also, if you're having issues with some VSCode hotkeys, try starting Xwayland and setting the DISPLAY=:0 environment variable for VSCode. That is, still running VSCode with the Wayland backend, but with DISPLAY set to a running Xwayland instance. Apparently, VSCode currently unconditionally queries the X server for a keymap.


When creating new windows within Chromium (e.g. with CtrlN), there's a Chromium bug with sizing:

  • With CSD (prefer-no-csd unset), the window will be a bit smaller than needed
  • With SSD (prefer-no-csd set), the window buffer will be offset to the top-left

Both of these can be fixed by resizing the new Chromium window.


There's a bug in WezTerm that it waits for a zero-sized Wayland configure event, so its window never shows up in niri. To work around it, put this window rule in the niri config (included in the default config):

window-rule {
    match app-id=r#"^org\.wezfurlong\.wezterm$"#
    default-column-width {}

This empty default column width lets WezTerm pick its own initial width which makes it show up properly.