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logo   YaPSNapp - How to contribute ?

Welcome to the contributed project for YaPSNapp. You can collaborate to this project by

  • Translating the app (if you want to see your favorite app in your native language)
  • Define some new application theme(s) for future releases.


Several things to do for each language:

  • Select the language for which you want to contribute, here are the priority languages:
    • English en_US (Credits: Drakfly)
    • Français fr_FR (Credits: Drakfly)
    • Español es_ES (Credits: Drakfly)
    • Português pt_PT (Credits: Diogo Vidigal)
    • Arabic ar_AR (Credits: Hazanberg)
    • Deutsch de_DE (Credits: Xaosthings)
    • Nederlands nl_NL (Credits: Lastminuteguy)
    • Italiano it_IT (Credits: Felix)
    • 中国 zh_CN zh_CN (Credits: Liamhu)
    • 한국의 ko_KR ko_KR (Credits: newtype0096)
    • русский язык ru_RU --- Not yet translated

You can amend this language list by adding additional languages (by creating sub-folder accordingly)

  • There are 2 files by language
    • 1 page Localization.strings where you must change the labels / messages used in YaPSNapp iOS App
    • 1 page AppStore.txt where you must specify the application description for the Application store (AppStore / PlayStore)


To create a new YaPSNapp theme, copy an existing "Stock" theme file (XML format) and edit it. The color format is #AAAAAAFF where:

  • 6 first alpha-digits, are used for color in hexa format
  • 2 last alpha-digits, are used for alpha transparency in hexa format

Currently, it is not possible to test your theme directly in the app. In a future release, we will add an app scheme extension that will permit to load the file in the app to test it.

To see your changes and if you have a jailbroken phone, you can browse the YaPSNapp Documents/theme directory and edit a "Stock" XML theme file.

Note that with a jailbroken phone you can browse the YaPSNapp Documents/theme directory to retrieve the XML file you have customized through the App settings screen.