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YaWK - Yet another Web Kit [work in progress]
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Attention: work in progress!
It's done when it's done. (release: soon)

Official Website:

What is YaWK?

YaWK = Yet another WebKit
YaWK is a free, open-source-bundle solution CMS to build, design and operate any modern webpage or web-app. Designed to be slick, fast and reliable. Steady in development. It brings together, what belongs together. YaWK uses HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript to bundle Bootstrap, jQuery, AdminLTE, FontAwesome and much more of your favourite daily use web open source tools and combines them into a new base for your daily work.

Development status - what has been done so far?

Short answer, a lot! - long answer: take a look at the recent commits, closed issues, latest closed milestones and current open projects to see what's going on and what has been done over the past few days, weeks, months and years.

R O A D M A P for 2020:

Currently in development:
  • Add templates and demo pages (scheduled for 1st quarter 2020)
  • and of course: check and fix language errors, major and minor bugs
Update official website
  • Update to current version
  • Add feature showcase
  • Add support page (and ticket system)
  • Add admin handbook (pdf and / or html)
  • Add developer manual (
Add social media channels
  • YouTube tutorial videos

Download Notes:

Please remember: before you download this pre-release version: YaWK is currently in active development and NOT YET RELEASED. If you like, you can get a sneak peak - feel free to download the latest current development version from GitHub:

But please consider - YaWK is is in constant development and underlies nearly daily changes. Due this fact it can not be guaranteed that everything work in this test version as expected. You may possibly encounter some major or minor warnings or bugs.

Before YaWK will be officially released, you will always get the current development version. After the first version is officially released, there will be a seperate development branch. You should wait for the official first release before you use YaWK in productive environment. I'm happy about comments, stars, followers and / or code contributions. Thank You!

Setup / Installation

There are two ways to load YaWK on your webserver:

  1. If you have root/shell access: git clone


  2. If you're using a webhost: Download the .zip package, extract it on your computer and upload the extracted files to your webserver. Use any FTP client and upload the files to the root directory of your webserver.

Server / Webhosting Requirements:

  • PHP 5.6+ (PHP 7 recommended)
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Apache 2.x Webserver
  • MOD_REWRITE enabled

Installation / Setup HowTo

When YaWK is uploaded to your webserver, simply call www.yourwebsite.tld in your browser. If the server is correctly configured, you will see step 1/5 of the setup process. The installation guide you through 5 steps and is pretty self-explanatory.

Why all this? - there are so many CMS around...

YaWK is an open source project, built for everyone. Actually there is no big business company or foundation behind it - (yet!) At the moment it is still (mainly) a one man show, - exclusively developed for my own, personal purpose. I started this project because I was not satisfied with all other solutions. So I took the challenge and started developing an overall tool that fits my personal needs. Originally it was not meant to public. But the bigger the project growed, the more people told me to make it accessable to the public crowd. After spending a lot of my lifetime on this project, I decided to follow my friends - I've uploaded it to GitHub and kept the repository private until the status of the project has got to a level where others can make use out of it. Though all efforts of "getting it to the point", this project is not finished yet - and never will be. It will stay in development, as long as I or somebody else take care about it.

Do you want to be part of this project?

If you want to put your manpower and knowledge into this project, you're welcome! Please feel free to contact me via Email. Tell me how you think you can help this project. Your input will be welcome - everything will get better - particularly with a little help from some friends.

Check back again soon and stay tuned for upcoming website and project updates!

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