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Huh? is an innovative app that encourages the learning process of different words and in various languages by searching for a new and intriguing word's definition. Besides, the Huh? Dictionary provides you with the opportunity to fully refine your vocabulary and your second language at no cost.

Huh? is a unique app, in the sense that it is both robust and simple. The deceptively beautiful and simple home screen includes the ability to switch dictionaries, which presents you with the opportunity of finding a word's perfect definition. In terms of customisation, the app interface can be switched from light to dark and from one language to the other, granting a more personal adventure.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

Before installing the project, make sure you have at least Xcode 10.1 with Swift 4.2 and a device running iOS 9.3. Afterwards, clone/download the project from GitHub to your local machine. After installing, open the .xcproject file found in the installed folder and voilà!


Since these various files will be modified as time passes, there isn't a way to provide automated beta updates, so you will have to do any updates manually.

Running the tests

To run tests, open the .xcproject file you have previously installed then choose your preferred testing device and run the project through the Xcode interface. If you find a bug or you wish to see a new feature added to the next version, create a new issue here.


See for in-depth details.


  • Wissam Yaacoub - publisher
  • Peter Yaacoub - developer - Yaapete


Copyright (c) 2017 Peter Yaacoub. May be used free of charge. Selling without prior written consent prohibited. Obtain permission before redistributing. In all cases, this notice must remain intact.

For more information about copyright laws, you should check out, a website created by Github Inc.


  • The HiNative Community
  • Google Material Design Icons

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