How to build from sources

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Yadoms core

You will find here the full build process to build Yadoms server on these platforms :

For Windows

For Ubuntu

For RaspberryPi

For MacOsX

All other platforms should work, as soon as it has a C++ compiler. Let us know if you success to build on a non-listed platform, to help us extend this list.

Libraries needed and offical versions

On each platform-specific above section, you will see how to build or link with librairies needed by Yadoms. Versions given in these sections are just given for example. Official versions are here :

Library/Tool Required Minimal version Recommended Version
Boost X 1.60 1.63
OpenSSL X 1.1.0d 1.1.0d
Poco X 1.7.7-all (1.7.7 Complete edition) 1.7.7-all (1.7.7 Complete edition)
Protobuf X 3.1.0 3.1.0
Swig 3.0.5 3.0.7
Python 2.7 2.7.12
CMake X 3.9 3.9.1
PostgreSQL 9.6 9.6


Some parts of Yadoms code require some particular steps to be built. Fortunately, these parts are optional. It means that if a part is not built, associated functionality won't be available, but the rest of Yadoms will build and work. These parts can be for example plugins, rules interpreter... Here is the list of parts requiring particular build steps.

Swig Required by all scripts interpreters

Python script interpreter Used to run automation rules edited with Blockly or directly in Python