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!Developement stopped, to benefit of Toolbox generator! Feel free to fork and keep maintaining 😉

#Cortana : a sexy Hologram theme

Cortana is a nice theme for Trulia's Hologram, the ruby front-end doc generator, and inspired by PebbleRoad's Tapestry.

Check the Demo

##Usage To install the last version of Hologram (required) :

$ gem install hologram

To install Cortana, use Bower :

$ bower install --save-dev Cortana

Your hologram_config.yml should look like :

# Directory to parse
source: ./your-code

# Directory to build the styleguide
destination: ./styleguide

# Hologram theme
documentation_assets: ./bower_components/Cortana
custom_markdown: ./bower_components/Cortana/CortanaMarkdownRenderer.rb

# To have a custom index page build with your
index: README

# List all css to include for the styleguide render examples (path from styleguide directory)
  - '../assets/css/vendors.css'
  - '../assets/css/styles.css'

# List all js to include for the styleguide render examples (path from styleguide directory)
  - ''
  - '../assets/js/main.js'

# String who is used to split the category name and create category wrapper
name_scope: ' - '

We recomand to place a in the root of your source directory to build a custom styleguide index page.

To have add a custom category wrapper like in the example, just add it before your category name with space-space and before all the other categories in the same wrapper. This name_scope can be change in the hologram_config.yml. You will have something like this :

title: My Title
name: myname
category: General - Button

Some Markdown comment and markup...



To edit Cortana you will need Bower, npm and NodeJS

To setup the project :

$ npm install
$ bower install
$ gulp


  • Dark theme